Why Are 3rd Party Integration Crucial In Staffing Software?

Why Are 3rd Party Integration Crucial In Staffing Software?


In contrast to the operational standards from the past, software integrations have now occupied a paramount space in the staffing industry. They have undeniably covered a long way since then. Programs are now supremely user-friendly and easier to install as compared to the times when businesses were fine with merely relying on a computer program that worked somewhat reliably. 


In context to the intensifying competition, digitalization has emerged as an inevitable step for any business to foster growth. Well, to keep you thriving in this ambitious system, software integrations happen to be a great asset, surfaced with credibility, to liberate your business from any obstruction that lands on your way to success. 


With the focus being narrowed down to creating a high-quality user experience, modern businesses have witnessed an increase in the demands for programs that can serve a lot more than what was delivered in the past by a standard computer program. This is exactly where third-party integrations define their credibility in terms of a readily available, cost-effective, and easy implement solution, especially for the staffing sector that aims to create an outstanding experience for both the employee and the employer. 


What Is Third-party Integration? 


Third-party integrations can be defined as the method of adding significant external data to an already existing project/software using distinct application programming interfaces (API). The third-party APIs enable the developers to develop a brand new solution in lesser or no time. This is done by employing the existing components instead of creating new codes from scratch. 


To put things straight, let us take the subject into the matter. For instance, in an online job portal, the employers would be willing to employ the chat feature to have a one-on-one interaction with the candidates in order to discuss an overview of the job before starting the interview process. To integrate the chat feature, the companies could simply pull out an already available and familiar 3rd party tool and further integrate it into the solution through an open API instead of creating a new tracking interface with all the desired functionalities. This is exactly how simple the 3rd party integration process is.


Importance of 3rd Party Integration in Modern Businesses 


One cannot pair modern-day challenges with the traditional solutions intact. From paperless onboarding tools and real-time messaging to integrated software solutions, each new update plays a significant role in keeping things rolling. 


3rd Party integrations initiate coherent communication between software applications, improving communication, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, thereby creating a seamless customer experience.


With the advent of technology, there has been a visible increase in consumer demands for immediate real-time services. From employee-employer interaction to boosting efficiency and simplifying time-consuming jobs, it has been vital for businesses to employ third-party integration tools geared towards fostering growth. 


Moving on, let’s learn the benefits of 3rd party integration in staffing software- 


  • Simplified Processes


The prominence of 3rd party integrations is an undeniable fact that is vitally acknowledged in terms of active communication between the software. 


Let’s put it straight. 


With its efficient working process, 3rd party integrations enable two software technologies to effectively communicate with one another, regardless of the respective language or database. The integration of software employed at every step of your working process allows the technology to interact well while sharing data that benefits your team’s efficiency. It can be regarded as the most vital method of promoting easy integrations, thereby establishing a powerful, robust, and cooperative ecosystem. 


  • Single Source Consolidation of Data 


When working manually, the staffing industry might witness a need to enter the same data or information in two or more systems, thus increasing the chance of human errors. Thanks to the third-party integration that allows having all the data in the preferred one place, promoting a single source of information saves both your time and energy. 


After all, incorporating staffing software for your business doesn’t mean doing away with your desired payroll or invoicing software. Right?


For instance, staffing software like NextCrew complements your existing systems by connecting with leading providers such as QuickBooks, ADP, Salesforce, and Paypal through our open API, creating a robust software ecosystem.


  • Reinforcing Efficiency


3rd party integrations are undoubtedly the best way to complement the operations of your existing software. They intend to save your time and energy and eliminate any chance of human errors that might be vital, especially during the coding processes.  


Saves time? Saves Energy? Reduces errors? That’s it? 




If you’ve been navigating through the list of most prominent ways to expand your user base without having to spend much, then 3rd party integration is your one-stop-shop for all that you want. It saves anything you would have expected to spend in terms of money or human resource to develop your staffing software. With its ability to accommodate growth and empower your industry staffing software, 3rd party integration is definitely the most reliable way to enhance your business’s operational efficiency. 


Have more queries regarding how 3rd party integration and how partnering with NextCrew can allow you to continue using your years-old software? Drop us an email at info@nextcrew.com. We’re all ears!

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