NextCrew offers a software platform that allows staffing businesses to transform themselves to digitally support on-demand workforce models.

Talent Explorer

The Internet is changing the way employers search for talent. As a staffing agency and still submitting resumes via email, you may want to consider Talent Explorer. Talent Explorer allows client companies to search for talent in real-time and send interview request directly to recruiters. We can integrate with your existing system so you can showcase your top talent to your clients on-demand.

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Workforce Management

If you employ a contingent workforce you recognize the daily struggles of organizing and communicating with workers. At times, it is a challenge to find the right person for a job, especially on short notice. Event more frustrating is relying on your staff to keep track of their own work schedule. By consolidating the different aspects of selecting workers, managing shifts and communicating in a simple and easy-to-user website interface, NextCrew streamlines on-demand staffing on an entirely different level.

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Private Talent Pool

With the Private Talent Pool business model staffing companies can create client specific groups of talent which target specific needs and meet additional corporate requirements. Imagine the power of presenting ‘Just-in-Time’ talent to your client based on skill, location, ranking and schedule. This business model provides a value add service to your client to browse your talent show-case and engage them for various projects.

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Online Staffing Marketplace

Are you utilizing thousands of candidates in your database effectively? Creating your own online staffing marketplace requires capital and technological resources. NextCrew provides a ‘ready-to-use’ online staffing marketplace which can also be integrated with PayPal or your preferred payment processing gateway for easy financial transactions.

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Key to massive success is anticipation. – Marc Cuban

Marc Cuban anticipated that audio and video would be a critical part of the internet and started his company AudioNet (Later with that in mind. He then sold it to Yahoo for $6 Billion just a few years later. The lessons of Cuban’s massive success show us that the future of staffing could be just one click away. Staffing is evolving at breakneck speed mostly due to available technology that can make it faster, easier, and more efficient.

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