Smarter Job Scheduling

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Navigate the chaos of temporary staffing by staying on top of fast-paced requests. Keep costs down and eliminate no shows by providing the right talent to your clients.

Uberize your workforce in the growing gig-economy
Schedule shifts for your workers based on qualifications, availability or geographic proximity

Reduce the time to fill a job
  • Automate job opening notifications based on location, skills, and availability
  • Engage talent via preferred communication channels - text, email, or mobile app - and showcase your best talent to clients based on ratings and preferences

Rethink job scheduling with efficient and reliable process automation
Organize and manage job status by client, location, and workforce based on daily, weekly, or monthly views
Connect jobs to talent with predictive algorithms
Use past job history and behavior to select the perfect crew
Send automatic reminders with job details or last-minute changes
Track who is accepting and rejecting your job offers
to maintain a single source of truth
"Life Saver"
I recently had a client requesting 40 employees and it was filled in 1 day. Before implementing this system we had to make phone calls to each employee and efficiency was very low. This system frees up our time to focus on other things.
   Volkan Pakis
   Director of Operations
   Hotel Staffing Solutions
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