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Hotel Staff Scheduling Software

Hotel Staff Scheduling Software

Time-saving Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Do away with the hospitality staff scheduling hassles

For the hospitality busy workplaces that have huge staffing requirements, staff scheduling for hotels and resorts can be grueling. Between finding seasonal hospitality staff and managing the shifting workers’ schedules, it easily gets tedious to manage it all. NextCrew hospitality recruitment software easily handles staff schedule management, timesheet management, and payroll and invoices management, all through a user-friendly and robust hospitality management software, simplifying and streamlining your hotel staff scheduling as well as enhancing employee productivity.

Best Hospitality Management Software to Help You Manage Staffing Challenges
Maintain accurate timesheet records through flexible Nextcrew hospitality employee scheduling software’s timekeeping options and seamlessly integrate your staff’s timesheets with your preferred accounting software, making payment processing smooth and uninterrupted.
Timesheet Management
Experience better hospitality timesheet management by effortlessly allowing workers to clock-in and clock-out, collecting timesheets of the respective workers handling different shifts, and getting the client’s approval regarding the same; all through NextCrew hotel scheduling software or mobile app.
Blended Hospitality Workforce Management
Easily assign the most qualified and available hospitality staff for different shifts round the clock without going through the time-consuming and tedious recruitment paperwork.

Systematic Way to Staff Scheduling for Hotels and Resorts 24*7

NextCrew is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides on-demand staffing solutions to the hospitality workforce, reducing the cost of staffing and increasing workforce efficiency. NextCrew’s hospitality software solutions simplify every aspect of hotel employee scheduling and communication with next-generation process management tools.
  • Easily assign the right mix of skills and qualifications for the different shifts without any scope of confusion or tedious paperwork.
  • Gain real-time hotel and resort employee schedule access.
  • Establish smooth and uninterrupted communication with the staff.
  • Assign workers for multiple work shifts and locations.
  • Proactively manage timesheets and raise invoices without running through piles of paperwork on a daily basis.

"Life Saver"

This system is very comprehensive and works perfectly to find employees. Before implementing this system, we had to make phone calls to each employee, and efficiency was very low. This system frees up our time to focus on other things. Also, whenever you need help, they are always available to you. I think this makes a huge impact.

   Volkan P.

   Director of Operations

   Hotel Staffing Solutions

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