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Supply housekeepers, room attendants, and other essential staff at ease

Hospitality is a challenging industry to work in and to provide a workforce for. Hotels demand qualified housekeepers and room attendants based on ever-changing schedules. It is difficult for staffing agencies to effectively use their workforce to its full potential without knowing the real-time availability of workers.

Main Challenges of Hospitality Staffing
High turnover keeps recruiters alert and busy with time-consuming paperwork
Blended Workforce
Hotels may use the same workforce but operate on different schedules, creating a job management hurdle for recruiters
Timesheet Management
Once workers complete shifts, collecting timesheets and getting a client’s approval can be a burden
Payroll and Invoicing
When it’s time to pay workers and get paid by a client, recruiters spend hours or days on manual data entry

How NextCrew Can Help

NextCrew is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides on-demand staffing technology to the modern workforce and reduces the cost of staffing. NextCrew’s proprietary software simplifies every aspect of scheduling and communication with next-generation process management tools.
Key Features

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Send messages and reminders via text, email, and mobile app

Easy Redeployment of Preferred Workforce

Easy Redeployment of Preferred Workforce

Create a talent pool tailored to the client and deploy those resources effectively

Hybrid Time Keeping Solutions

Hybrid Time Keeping Solutions

Allow people to clock-in via NextCrew mobile app or a NextCrew Kiosk

Streamline Timesheet Approvals

Streamline Timesheet Approvals

Allows clients to approve timesheets online or via the mobile app

Reap the Benefits

Keep workers consistently engaged by having visibility into their schedules
Maintain accurate records through flexible timekeeping options
Integrate timesheets with your accounting software and get paid quicker

"Life Saver"

This system is very comprehensive and works perfectly to find employees. Before implementing this system, we had to make phone calls to each employee, and efficiency was very low. This system frees up our time to focus on other things. Also, whenever you need help, they are always available to you. I think this makes a huge impact.

   Volkan P.

   Director of Operations

   Hotel Staffing Solutions

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