Why NextCrew

Why NextCrew

NextCrew was founded in 2012 with a strong vision of helping staffing companies with innovative technological solutions that can potentially power a fundamental change in the way the staffing processes are conducted.

Our strong staffing technology expertise coupled with our passion for supporting staffing businesses with solutions that allow them to fulfill the staffing requirements in this increasing gig economy and create their own cloud of talent to cater to the client’s staffing requirements.

Since its establishment, NextCrew has continued to expand upon its staffing technology innovation capabilities to meet the unique requirements and business goals of the staffing companies, incorporating robust technologies and interfaces to manage the distribution and successful completion of short-term jobs, timely scheduling, mobile clock-in, and clock-outs, and integrated payroll management.

We completely embrace each staffing client’s preference for mobile app accessibility and the 3rd party software they had been using for years, which is why we offer technological flexibility through seamless integrations and partnerships to the myriad of payroll, communication, and invoice technology partners in their tech stack. Evolving the platform’s capabilities to include innovative features and functionality that can increasingly contribute to delivering a central in-app experience is what we strive for as one of the leading staffing software solutions providers.

As the staffing world is enduring the COVID-19 uncertainty and accelerating the digital transformation to survive the crisis, NextCrew remains committed to supporting the staffing companies in implementing the required digital change and increasing customer engagement through our workforce management solutions.


To empower our customers to adapt and grow their workforce through intuitive and robust workforce management technology

Maximize the opportunity for workers and employers in the gig economy

Why Us

Dreaming big is easy. Acting big takes time, resources, and the right partners.

At NextCrew, we are here to support you on a journey of innovation and progress as your staffing business evolves

The staffing industry is transforming and NextCrew is at the forefront of this innovation. We simplify on-demand staffing by leveraging automation and integration. Our clients are at the heart of our design and vision, and together we continuously redefine what it means to run an innovative staffing agency in the new millennium.