Leading the New Wave of

Contingent Staffing Solutions

Our Mission

To help staffing companies manage their workforce and clients more easily and efficiently. By automating many repetitive tasks and integrating with existing software, NextCrew streamlines contingent staffing, decreases response time and creates healthier profit margins for faster scalability.

About NextCrew

Workforce management software is evolving, and NextCrew is at the forefront of this innovation.
Our game-changing technology simplifies online staffing, helping you to manage talent without roadblocks, fill openings on short notice, and delight customers at every turn. With an open API, easily integrate your preferred invoicing and payment software—and brand client- and talent-facing solutions as your own.
Today’s market calls for a sharp, qualified workforce—available at your client’s beck and call. With NextCrew’s cloud-based platform, you can deliver an on-demand solution that empowers client and talent to take control of their own experience. In providing that freedom, you afford your internal staff the time and energy need to boost customer satisfaction, source more sought-after talent, and grow your client base.

Our Leadership Team

Chirag Mehta, Founder & CEO

Before launching NextCrew as a tech statup and growing it in a staffing software powerhouse, Chirag developed and managed IT projects and teams in a range of industries, from property insurance to healthcare to energy. He’s been CIO at National Tax Search and Software Architect for Great American Insurance.

Terry Phillips, CTO

Prior to joining NextCrew at inception, Terry engineered a multinational staffing website at Innumeralis and managed IT projects at Hodell-Natco Industries, a wholesale distributor of industrial software. From systems to network infrastructure to business processes, he boasts over a decade of technical brilliance.
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