You can only control
what you can measure.

Growing market share and hitting revenue goals requires constant optimization.
With NextCrew, you can pull from an array of metrics to make informed decisions that facilitate growth, such as customer satisfaction rate, time to fill, and profit margin by job. You can be holistic in your decision-making with all KPIs in one place.

Transform data into insights that drive business value

Apply business intelligence to key projections that facilitate your agency's growth
  • Unfilled job matrix
  • Revenue by client
  • Gross profit margins by job
Real-time information at your fingertips
Improve current processes and collaboration to handle future projections
Job acceptances & rejections audit
Access audit data for legal tracking and performance evaluation
Deep dive into metrics that matter most to your business
"Dynamic & Robust"
NextCrew’s software became an integral piece of operations for The Butler Did It—making scheduling and workforce management dynamic and robust.
   John Sowden
   Vice President
   The Butler Did It

All your critical data in one place. Let’s do this!

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