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Supply clients with the most qualified and reliable workers for their venues

Event staffing is a high-volume, fast-moving vertical where finding the right talent can make or break your client’s event. Event managers in this industry face the arduous challenge of carefully selecting responsible and reliable crew members based on the type of event and client requirements.

Main Challenges of Event Staffing

High turnover creates a need always to be recruiting, and paperwork is time-consuming
Job Management
Finding the right people for an event based on skill, location and availability is tedious and imperfect
Last-Minute Changes
Yes, it can't be avoided, so communicating with staff in a timely manner is essential to success
Day of Operation
Send job reminders and event details to make sure everyone is on time and understands event details
Timesheet Management
Once an event is over, collecting everyone’s timesheets and getting those approved by the client is a vexing process
Payroll and Invoicing
You need to pay workers and get paid, yet manual data entry is time-consuming

How NextCrew Can Help

NextCrew is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that provides on-demand staffing technology to modernize workforce management and reduce the cost of staffing. For companies who manage the on-demand workforce, NextCrew stands at the forefront of innovative process management tools built to simplify every aspect of scheduling and communication.
Key Features

Paperless Onboarding

Paperless Onboarding

Have your candidates fill out online paperwork using our integrated proprietary technology

Self-Service Mobile App

Self-Service Mobile App

Keep information accurate by offering technology to your field staff

Mobile App with Geofencing

Mobile App with Geofencing

Know who is on-site at all times and increase transparency in actual hours worked

Review Management

Review Management

Add detailed ratings for crew members to ensure confidence and accountability

Reap the Benefits

Faster job fill and fewer no-shows
Effective communication using text, email, and mobile app
Integrate timesheets with your existing accounting system and send invoices faster

"Excellent to Work With"

This software is so much better suited to a firm like ours that specialized in event staffing, compared to other more traditional ATS software’s out there. Saves us a ton of time, and the team is easily able to create custom pieces for us where we need any extra functionalities.

   Alison Hernandez


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