Top Challenges Confronted By Staffing Firms 2022

In 2019, The United States generated around 31% of the global staffing industry revenue, making the U.S. a leading country in the staffing industry.


The current staffing industry is confronting complex challenges that block its growth path. But are they genuinely prepared to haggle with these pressing issues? 


Some of the most prominent staffing challenges are hindering the staffing companies’ growth today at the same time demanding them to deal with it.


Business Tip: To graph long-term growth, crafting some impressive ideas won't turn the table; constructing a solid team is the key.


As a leader/organization, assembling a strong team of workers is essential who will sustain to bring your crafted ideas into reality. An individual can be an exemplary decision-maker or a creative head. Still, they can't do everything themselves & require the most satisfactory staffing solution to acquire the ultimate organizational goal.


And yes, other than employee factors, there are many more challenges listed in the chapters of the staffing industry. Let’s have a look at these.


Top 4 Challenges Confronted By Staffing Industry

Did you know? The U.S. staffing industry has a market size of $151.8 billion.


To uphold their best talented & constructive employees, here are a few challenges staffing agency owners should rocket on.


Employee Retention


Staffing agency owners are now riddled to satisfy the rising demands of employees in order to retain the best talent. In most cases, employees quit their job due to the increasing feeling of burnout.


According to U.S. BLS figures, 4.5 million Americans made up to switch their jobs and created the highest records. 


Irrespective of the industry type and size, maintaining a high performer employee has been the most challenging job. Failing to retain the lead performers will be costly. Not only from a cost-to-replace outlook but from the outlook of the destructive impact it can potentially create on the organization’s culture. 


Keeping adequate employees will be a canopy of mind for most HR teams in 2022.


Inflexible Employees


Maintaining an inflexible employee is like welcoming bad luck to the organization. And the inflexibility of employees is the most pertaining staffing industry issue presently experienced by staffing companies. 


In most situations, the organization overlooks this issue and fails to understand the importance of dealing with inflexible employees, considering the risk of employee loss.

The staffing company should recruit individuals who do not hesitate opening doors to other responsibilities other than their respective job roles. This helps when some workers quit, and the organization needs time to fulfill the same position again.


Determining Right Candidate 


52% of hiring managers say one of the main challenges in the recruiting process is gaining access to the right candidate. 


Determining the right candidate who properly seatbelts your end-client’s job requirements is the most vital issue to catch up on. Also, picturing a candidate who comprehends your company's necessities and organizational culture is just the cherry on the cake moment for your business. Alas, this also stays a significant challenge to the company. 


Fruitless Software Solution 


67% of hiring managers believe it is essential for staffing companies to use the latest technology.


Mainly, numerous staffing companies fail to understand that adding compelling and exemplary software resolution to solve the staffing industry issues is essential. That's where NextCrew comes into the picture.


You might wonder how NextCrew will decode the staffing industry issues? Well, the smart hiring managers already know it; for those who don't check out the below-mentioned factors:


  • Accelerate temporary job fulfillment
  • Reduce the staffing costs & scale your business
  • Improve workforce engagement & client satisfaction


So, what's the opinion stuck in your head? Grab this opportunity to graph your company's growth & increase productivity with profitability through NextCrew's workforce management solutions.


74% of hiring managers stated that the technology-driven software sets the staffing companies apart.


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