Staffing Techniques to Attract and Find Seasonal Temp Workers

With the winter holiday season fast approaching, various industries are feeling the pinch to get numerous qualified temp workers in place. 


After all, their financial success is contingent upon their revenues during this critical six-week stretch each year. 


Indisputably, internal and external recruiters play a vital role in assisting businesses to meet seasonal staffing requirements. 


Indeed, without their support, event, healthcare, and hospitality industries would simply be unable to satisfy the seasonal staffing overflows they witness. 


Enticing and finding temp workers for seasonal openings demands finesse and a different direction than what it normally takes to find, draw, and hire full-time staff.


In this article, listed below are a few staffing secrets that staffing professionals can tap to bridge the gaps in the holiday hiring rush:


Start Early 


You've heard the saying," the early bird gets the worm." Well, when it comes to recruiting temp workers for the vacation/holiday season, you require to get an early start. 


Those who intend to commence late usually play catch-up throughout the season. 

This even implies that you start planning for the next holiday season now by crafting your own private talent pool of candidates for future reference with the help of on-demand staffing software like NextCrew. 


Centralize Candidate Sourcing & Management


Get all of your talent sourcing and management activities into one dashboard. If not, the last thing you'll have time for is to:


  • Juggle Multiple Job Board Postings Pre-Screening Systems
  • Candidate Tracking 
  • Messaging
  • Social Media Postings 
  • And Your Career Website.


Whew! The list is exhausting and tiresome just spelling it out. With numerous clients and piles of jobs to fill, what you really require is an AI-powered staffing software like NextCrew in place. 


Post With One Click 


Posting a job to multiple job boards- and a lot of them- can take away your valuable time. The capability to post to your targeted job boards in one click can count up to many hours preserved, which you can then spend on business-critical staffing activities. 


In most cases, you're looking at various hours of time savings per job with a one-click posting. 


Sharpen Your Posting 


Getting your jobs into the exemplary job boards is significant. As there are thousands of free job zones, knowing which are suitable places for finding and enticing the right temp prospects can draw the difference between a no-hire or a bad hire and a great hire. 


Sometimes you may even want to consider tapping third-party experts, like NextCrew's on-demand staffing software, to help you identify the best boards for posting an opening.


Pre-Screen And Review Applicants 


Parting down the list of candidates before you, fellow staffing coordinators, or your hiring managers interview them can save wasted time and reduce significant frustration for all parties involved. 


When it comes to seasonal temp workers, pre-screening applications to catch what days and hours they are available or not to work will erase those who fail to meet your demands. 


 But, it's a lot of effort and time drawing to carry the pre-screening approach to every temp worker joining, so, to escalate this, you should get your hands on an I-powered staffing software like NextCrew to have this screening process inbuilt, saving you a lot of time. 


Leverage Employee Referrals 


Your full-time workers and temp workers are an extended arm of your staffing business. Getting them to post job ads on their social networks can whisk a pile of previously hidden candidates- as can incentivizing them to refer qualified people who they think would be willing to apply for the job.


Build Your Talent Pool For Next Year 


When onboarding temp workers for this year's holiday season, you're already recruiting for next year. You should be able to rate and review candidates and add them to your private talent pool for future reference or in case of ad-hoc situations. 


Your private talent pool might include former workers, employee referrals, candidates who weren't hired, and retirees, among others. 


Wrap Up 


If your business recruits seasonal workers, you're likely in full gear right now. Getting a one-stop candidate sourcing and staffing software in place, like NextCrew, could determine whether you find suitable candidates, hire ones you regret hiring, or strike out altogether. Give NextCrew a test drive by requesting a demo today! 

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