Staffing Software Functions Clients Need to Have Access To!

Staffing Software Functions Clients Need to Have Access To!


Staffing agencies conduct recruitment and selection procedures for organizations without the time, skills, or resources required to manage the employment procedures. 


By expressing the purposes and requirements of the company through such agencies, staffing agencies will recruit the best staff based on those benchmarks.


A few staffing agencies feed plates with temporary workers, and others offer candidates for temp-to-hire arrangements. However, of the employment type, there are specific benefits to employers' use of staffing agencies, enclosing expertise, expense, availability of workers, and employee retention. 


Apart from the areas of cost, employee retention, etc., one of the most significant aspects to be focused on & maintained between the client and the staffing agencies is the level of transparency. 


In this article, you'll have a glance at the ways you can build the transparency level and what's the best thing that can make the support.


But before we dig deeper, let's read about how staffing agencies make a difference.

How Does a Staffing Agency Make A Difference? 




Utilizing staffing agencies can lower costs by hiring good staff to recruit candidates. However, staffing agencies operating the entire employment procedure also facilitate employers' expenses related to pre-employment testing, ground investigations, and medication screening. 


In addition, employers preserve funds related to the expenditure of payroll processing and advantages administration. Small employers find that they can depend on staffing agencies to furnish them with qualified employees at remarkable savings.



Staffing agencies have a more extensive network of available workers than many employers. For instance, employers looking to hire seasonal workers would need to promote job openings, interview prospects, and process new hire documentation for a relatively short span of employment. 


On the other hand, staffing agencies may have connections with workers they've already recognized as dependable, trustworthy, and conscientious and who can fill the opened vacancies in a matter of days or even hours. 


The network staffing agencies keep up with is a broad funnel from which they can draw the most potential employees who can fit in any position an employer might have or expect.

Saves Your Time


Staffing firms have comprehensive access to jobs for prospects not found via an easy job search. Hence, there is a wide assortment of options for the candidate. Along with the candidate's point of view, most of the work is done by a recruitment agency; hence, not much work is involved for the candidate.


Most recruiters are knowledgeable about the different trends and changes present in the industry and try to recruit people according to the industry's current state. They take only the needed amount of employees for the company.


Now that you've come across various benefits that staffing agency brings to the organization's table, did you know that all these benefits only come when an adequate level of transparency is maintained? Yes, openness between staffing agencies and the organizations helps build the bridge of more significant benefits and profits for both parties. 


You must be thinking about why it is essential to balance the level of transparency among both parties, RIGHT? 


An organization should always look forward to keeping an eye on the transparency their particular staffing agencies offer. Checking on the perfect balance of transparency will help the organization to take note of the following things:


  • The challenges truly faced by their staffing agency 
  • The flow of open-to-fill rate
  • To check on the operations of the staffing agency 
  • To find out the fulfillment rate of staffing agency 
  • Decide on a long-term service base

And to attain these benefits of transparency, you need a standard on-demand staffing software like NextCrew that helps you polish your transparency rate with your staffing agency. 


NextCrew offers you various transparency aspects to clear eye on that are mentioned below:


The Approval Of Timesheet Management


Even today, multiple companies use the same old method of getting their timesheet approved, i.e., via emails or texts, which is very time-consuming. 


NextCrew's timesheet software is one of the best and most user-friendly timesheet management software for businesses. 


Both the staffing agency and the company can easily keep track of the employees' clock-ins and clock-outs with a robust GPS geofencing technology within the timesheet calculator that not only provides instant alerts about the employee's presence on the job site but also allows to effortlessly collaborate with the staff on the job site, making it the best timesheet software for small businesses.


Read The Reviews


It's always beneficial if both the parties that are a staffing agency and the organization, can get notified when the worker has delivered his job. 

And NextCrew makes this happen by allowing the organization to get a pop-up notification when the worker is assigned for their requested work and after the job is done. This boosts a sense of belief for the organization and brings transparency closer, implying that their staffing agency is operating well with their requirements. 

In addition, it also gives access to view the overall reviews of the worker. This helps staffing agencies filter their best workers and keep the companies updated. 


Job Confirmation 


NextCrew keeps the organization and the staffing agency updated with an overview of the whole job confirmation procedure.

NextCrew workforce management software provides you with the utmost flexibility and comfort by creating tailored selections and letting you decide on the right people to work with.


This feature also highlights:


  • the open-to-fill rate
  • the successful job applications
  • the number of workers applied for the job 
  • the current status of the job fulfillment 
  • time duration to fill the job vacancy 
  • the overall operations, just to mention a few. 


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