Shared Workforce Processes and Information

Every staffing agency has its rock stars—the people who seem to know every detail about operations, and use that information to help the business succeed. But what happens if one of those people is sick, on vacation, or leaves the company?

Having your workforce knowledge shared and preserved, in a way that anyone can access, helps solve the problem of one or two staff members holding all of the information.

When you are managing high-volume temporary staffing, it’s vital to know how every part of this complex system works, from basic scheduling to fully understanding what your clients need to keep them coming back for more.
Information You Should Know

Your staffing coordinator(s) work hard, keeping a whole lot of information about your talent roster. Coordinators have to understand the personality, skills, and potential issues each member of your staffing system represents.

Your coordinator answers the following questions and more every day.

• Are they punctual?
• Do they respond quickly to last minute requests?
• Are they able to drive to a job, or do they rely on public transit?
• Are there specific clients who don’t want to work with specific talent?
• Who has the skills to work with demanding clients?

Making Staffing Agency Knowledge Accessible

Technology provides excellent solutions for making knowledge accessible to everyone who needs it. By keeping employee data in an online database, for example, you are making important information accessible to everyone who needs it. Using workforce management tools, you can ensure that you have standardized processes in place to share information across the company, for efficiency and better decision-making. Create policies that cover how employees access your system, what information is relevant to include in a database, and how they are expected to interact with the technology you choose.

You can extend this business practice beyond your employee coordinator, to make employee knowledge and processes shared and preserved for everyone.

From administrative assistants to human resources, to financial officers and beyond, documenting everyone’s daily procedures and tasks, and their relevant company knowledge, ensures that you will always be able to pick up from where they left off in the event of an absence.

In the world of temporary staffing, any time wasted can lead to lost money and client dissatisfaction. Keep your business running smoothly, for the benefit of your clients and your staff, with technology that enables the seamless sharing of knowledge.

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