How AI will Impact Staffing Firms In 2023

What once seemed a long way off has become a reality. The staffing industry is currently undergoing a transformation that is unparalleled. To be at par with tremendous transformation, staffing businesses need to go digital, and AI is a key component of that transformation.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest advancement in technology that will impact almost every business, including the staffing industry. Executives in the staffing industry even believe AI will help with staffing, and some have already integrated with AI technologies to help simplify operations. 


But, a big concern about AI is that it could eliminate many jobs and displace workers. The USA has mastered the art of adapting quickly, having experienced significant technological upheaval in the past. While AI in human resources has yet to make great leaps, we can assure you that it will undoubtedly usher in the greatest technological revolution of time.


Here are some of the ways AI will impact staffing firms in 2023.


Automate the Onboarding Process 


Are you prepared to automate and streamline the onboarding process? 


Well, even if you’re not, it’s time for you to understand its capabilities within the onboarding processes and incorporate it before kickstarting your year 2023.


AI helps staffing firms save time by scanning resumes, finding potential prospects, and possibly even automating messages to qualified people. So, an excellent unintended consequence of AI is that it eliminates bias in staffing and helps you select potential candidates.


Staff has more time to focus on interviewing and training new candidates when AI handles the initial staffing round. This saves your staff the agony of the first round and enables cost savings.


Increase Candidate Engagement


You need to understand candidates better for effective engagement. AI utilizes its advanced algorithms to offer you an advanced staffing solution and process that understands candidates’ behavior and enhances engagement levels.


Engagement is largely driven by a seamless and timely flow of communication. So, even if your staffing firm now automatically sends texts to contractors or workers, that doesn't guarantee that recipients will receive the messages or that the messages will be sent correctly or timely. 


But, the ability of AI to be tailored on an individual basis is perhaps the most amazing thing where each contractor communicates with the AI without compromising on human-to-human feel, making engagement better.


The Digital Age of Timesheet Management


Timesheet management is a critical aspect of a staffing process that involves consideration of multiple factors. For instance, a detailed evaluation of actual working hours, clock-in and clock-out time, absences, etc., is required to ensure transparent timesheet management that can be fairly utilized for the client’s approval and invoicing thereafter.


Manual management of these aspects creates a fair possibility of human error. What if an automated system that utilizes advanced machine learning technologies to quickly evaluate these factors and offer data that is free of human error and dependency. Well, something that we should be looking forward to in 2023.


Analyze Big Data from Staffing Companies 


Analyzing big data is one of the most critical tasks AI can perform. Staffing companies can answer many questions with intelligent big data analysis, and can predict future behaviors based on an applicant's past work experiences, like: 


  • Evaluating talent based on past performance for future employment 
  • Mortality rates 
  • Likelihood of getting a job


Hence, staffing firms could use this data analysis to predict future behavior based on a contractor's past interactions with the staffing firm. Without wasting time, effort, and money, it would be easier to identify which contractors are the best and, therefore, should definitely stay on board.  


Automation of Robotic Processes 


Another way AI can save your staffing company time and money is through RPA. The tedious, repetitive tasks that need to be done but your employees don't love can be done faster and more accurately with RPA. Through RPA, employees can focus on tasks that require human skills like empathy, decision-making, logic, and customer service. 


In the future, RPA will take over every routine task currently performed by a human. 

Future-focused AI is the way to go. Think about how the adoption of AI could impact your staffing firm, given these benefits.




The staffing industry has the potential to grow significantly over the next few years, thanks to the seemingly limitless potential of AI. 


AI has the potential to transform the staffing process while improving employee retention and job satisfaction. But, many fear that AI will not be able to understand job applicants the way human interviewers can, and many worry that they will be replaced by computer programs and lose their jobs. 


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