How to Retain Recruitment Staff After a Crisis

Many staffing agency owners make the mistake of calming down after a crisis and assuming that everything will return to normal. You can't, though. The previous normal is no longer in effect, and there is currently no logical definition of the new normal. 


You and your staffing team put in a lot of work to get through the crisis, which is amazing, but as a compassionate leader, this is precisely the time when you are most needed. Just when you thought you could relax and applaud yourself for surviving the storm, you will now need to exert more effort. To keep and re-motivate your team, you will need to "re-structure your retainment strategies. 


You must own and engage in four key areas of leadership concentration.


  • Celebrate


You must pause and recognize your agency’s accomplishments. Too frequently, we simply carry on after giving our accomplishments a passing nod. No. Have a big party and go all out. Your team or staffing coordinators and managers will need to blow off steam, express any complaints, share their fight experiences, and acknowledge both the work of their fellow teammates and their own. 


The time has come for you, the leader, to express a huge, emotional, and sincere "thank you," as the success you have achieved has been made possible by the efforts of others. 


  • Purpose


Remind your teams of the staffing agency’s primary goals, including what you are here to accomplish and who you are here to serve. You'll need to remind your team of the value they offer to the world and the significance of your staffing business’s continued service. To get back on track, you might need to change your direction. 


For instance, till now, your agency might be focusing on permanent recruitment within the hospitality sector. However, post-crisis, you might realize the opportunities within the healthcare and other sectors that are untapped. By changing your direction, you might also be able to unleash the capabilities of your staffing team in these sectors.


That said, define your purpose by gaining better clarity on what and where to focus on. There is nothing wrong with redefining your purpose according to the marketing situation and demand and setting your team’s direction accordingly.


  • Lessons discovered 


While redefining your target, purpose, and direction, it’s crucial to discover and understand the lessons learned from past strategies and experiences.


Though, from your research, you might be looking forward to shifting your focus to a new industry with a new perspective on staffing methodologies, it’s still imperative to learn from past experience. This helps in redefining a better vision for the future. 

To enable so, as yourself,


What must we stop doing as a team while functioning for new roles? 


What did we stop that now has to start again? 


What did we begin and will keep doing?


What are tools that we implemented but are not giving expected results?


What have we started that we now have to finish?


The more you ask yourself these questions, the more you will be able to create a defined and well-calculated future strategy.


  • Culture


Who are we now, then? How are we going to collaborate? Does our culture still support our staffing agency’s mission and overall goals? Is our method of operation still effective? Is the staffing software we have in place the right for our new vision? Does it have the capabilities we need to streamline the internal team functioning?


Your recruitment staff might not always seek new opportunities just due to monetary expectations. An expectation of a healthy culture that promotes mental well-being, the right automation for reduced human efforts, and a well-curated collaborative environment needs to be taken care of.


Retaining recruitment staff is not a difficult maneuver if the above-mentioned points are taken into consideration. 


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