How NextCrew Helps in Increasing Employee Retention?

How NextCrew Helps in Increasing Employee Retention?

There are now half as many available workers for every open job across the country (1.4 available workers per opening) compared to the historical average over the last 20 years (2.8).


According to a recent survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employers across the USA one of the biggest challenges- finding qualified workers. A year before, the employers were forced to complete halt due to fluctuating market conditions.


Now, the scenario has changed dramatically. Businesses are ready to open their doors. Employers are offering a good joining incentive to candidates in order to bring the companies back on track.


However, the ongoing employment crisis might make it challenging for companies to recover from the economic slowdown. As per the State Department of Commerce statement, there has been a sharp increase in job postings in Washington. Employers from different industries like hospitality, healthcare, logistics, etc., are actively looking for qualified employees.


On the other hand, the talent shortage makes it difficult for these staffing managers to fill the positions and amplify the business growth. Can anything be worst that that? Yes- the loyal present employees leaving the companies for other opportunities.


Due to the shortage of talent, companies are considering offering better employee benefits in order to attract talent from competitors. To not let your staffing competitors poach your employees, you need to have strong employee retention.


Employees love to work at a company that provides the right tools and environment to ensure a productive day. And that’s where NextCrew comes into the picture!


The staffing tools by NextCrew allow staffing companies to incorporate modern solutions in their daily processing. The robust cloud-based temporary staffing software brings digital transformation and automation for short-term and temporary workforce management. Our staffing agency software not only makes your life easier but also provides you with an unparalleled advantage in this increasing competition.


Even if your staffing agency manages to recruit the best talent in the growing talent shortage, manual working will give your fresh millennial recruits an awful initial feeling. 


The millennials are tech-savvy with very little patience for working with inefficient systems. So, the millennial staffing coordinator onboarding your organization would be prioritizing technology over any kind of manual work in his/her life. This implies your semi-digital or digital staffing process from the last part of the 80s is a considerable worry to them. 


Huge loads of administrative work, information gaps, and occupied supervisors may affect their productivity. Solution?


According to the Harvard business review survey 2020, 72% of the respondents witnessed an increase in productivity just by empowering front-line workers with digital solutions. 


Manual management of the employee schedules can be inefficient and eventually result in unhappy clients and employee burnout.


But, workforce management solutions like NextCrew carefully handle all the basic and advanced job management activities as well as shift management activities, creating a systematic workflow and productive atmosphere for the employees.


Sounds good? It’s as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is include implementing an on-demand workforce management solution as the next step on your digital transformation roadmap. 


This will, in return, eliminate chances of duplicacy, increase the accuracy of the day, increase work efficiencies, and help in better employee productivity.


Book an appointment today with NextCrew and improve your employee retention in this growing talent shortage in the USA.

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