Ways to Engage and Retain Gen X Employees

How Do You Engage and Retain Gen X with the Help of Technology?


Gen X or Generation X is a collateral term given to a specific generation segment of Americans, those born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s. 


This generation has witnessed some of the world's greatest technological advancements, right from the evolution of computers to space exploration. 


They grew up during the era when the world saw a dramatic rise of women presence at workplaces — both parents were working to meet the family's ends. Thus, Gen Xers had to spend most of the time with no parental supervision. 


The Generation X period has also been through the highest divorced rates, and single parent Gen Xers have a strong mindset. The Gen Xers are influenced by grunge music, hip hop & rock. In the next segment, we are going to talk about the characteristics of Gen Xers. So, scroll down and find out. 


What Are Their Characteristics?


Independent & Adaptable


First things first, those who belong to Gen X are independent and adaptable. Since they were born at the age of both parents working, they have learned to be independent & adaptable to any situation hurled their way. They love their freedom and have the ability to deal with all kinds of challenges without anyone's help. 


They use their independence and adaptability to advance their career. No matter how complicated the problem is, they can find the solution. Gen X professionals can perform their best under minimal supervision. 


So, staffing companies need to value their independence and trust them to align with their work responsibilities. Having said that, they can easily adapt to new staffing technologies and tools. So, as a staffing business owner, you need to make sure that you have the most modern staffing software solutions that can help them easily work with millennial employees. Also, ensure that they are provided with the right training. 


Though they belong to a group of experienced professionals, proper training would allow them to perform better and efficiently. If not, that might lead to uneasiness at work (especially with tech-savvy millennials) and might consequently result in employee burnout.




In comparison to any other generation, the Gen Xers are self-reliant. You can count on them to upgrade their skills with minimum effort. 


Gen X professionals must be given access to advanced technologies so that they can navigate through complex tasks on the back of their practical industry experience and knowledge. 


If you empower your gen x staffing managers with the right tools, they can be motivated to deliver better results, way beyond your expectations. Plus, their self-reliance capabilities allow them to upgrade themselves to new trends easily and that too with minimal effort. 


The staffing industry is constantly evolving. So, you require your millennials, Gen x, as well as old staff to accustom to new changes. Since Gen x is comparatively more self-reliant, you might want to provide them access to technologies that can help them work with minimal dependency. 


They can navigate complex activities through their knowledge and years of experience, ensuring that you have a fully automated process rather than manual/ semi-digital processes. 


By doing so, they can easily champion their characteristic of being self-sufficient and work seamlessly. The USA is already facing talent shortages and a difficult time retaining quality workers. So, why not empower these gen x staffing managers of your staffing company with the right tools and technical support to help them feel comfortable and motivated?


Technologically Adept


Gen Xers have grown up during the transition from the analog to the digital world. So, they had the opportunity to learn and adapt to newer technologies with ease. They have seen the birth of the Internet and smartphones. In a nutshell, Gen X professionals are comfortable embracing newer technologies. 

How Can Nextcrew Help Your Gen X Staffing Managers Engage and Stay With Your Company?


NextCrew is an ingenious staffing software solution that is best-suited for startups, SMEs, and big enterprises. The Nextcrew platform is easy to use, and no technical knowledge is needed. This staffing software can help you efficiently retain your gen x staffing manners. Want to know how? 


Scroll down to learn about this:-


  • Our staffing software solution ensures that your Gen X managers can work with no next to no manual dependencies. So, they can work on their task without the need to depend on someone else. And, as we discussed earlier, this is what gen Xer professionals always crave.


  • NextCrew is an investment to respect the self-reliant attitude of Gen Xers through its easy-to-use interface. Your Gen X staffing managers can navigate throughout the process. You need not hire a technical expert to guide your staffing managers to understand how to use this tool and its various features. 


  • Similar to the character of Gen X, our Nextcrew solution is adaptable. If your employees are way more comfortable with smartphones, they can use Nextcrew's mobile App. On the other hand, those who work more time on laptops can use the user-friendly desktop application. Our software solution adapts to the trends and needs in the staffing industry. 


Hope you got a quick idea about Gen X, their characteristics, and how Nextcrew can help to retain such employees. 

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