How Can AI Enhance the Staffing Experience?

How Can AI Enhance the Staffing Experience?


With the increasing talent shortage crisis, staffing managers are finding it increasingly challenging to fill the open vacancies. This can possibly make talent shortage one of the significant staffing challenges of 2021. It might persist for a few more months in 2022 as well; if not taken care of.


To curb the talent shortage crisis, staffing businesses need to expand their technology usage rather than limiting it to job boards and social media recruiting. That’s where AI in staffing comes into the picture.


Artificial intelligence has surpassed itself when it comes to enhancing technological innovations, irrespective of the industry and sector. And, the staffing industry has been no exception. 


However, despite acknowledging the benefits and capabilities of AI, have we ever implemented it to its full potential? 


Until now, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation.


That means while the growing gig economy and social distancing culture demand complete digital transformation to endure the crisis and thrive in the coming years, 85% of the remaining businesses are yet to embrace the concept of digitalization fully, let alone adopting AI in their processes.


Believe it or not, digitalization is the only future of the staffing industry, and AI is one of the critical aspects of this change. AI can help the staffing businesses up their recruitment game and utilize it to aid their business during an unprecedented crisis.


  • Analyze Market Trends


We have always perceived AI as a technological innovation that is competent enough to automate the processes to another level. However, the competency of AI is not just limited to it.


AI can also help staffing businesses to predict market situations and conditions through its smart and advanced algorithms. This enables staffing business owners to analyze well and predict the skills that will be in demand in the future and trends to look forward to. So, before a similar talent shortage arises, staffing managers can fill the positions in advance and save themselves from suffering through such a hiring crisis. 


  • Drafting Killer Job Postings


AI has already replaced most of the aspects of staffing, so drafting job postings doesn’t come as a surprise. Staffing managers have already been leveraging the power of AI in sourcing and screening candidates and improve their job fill rate. So, why not leverage it in drafting better job postings?


Through language analysis tools in AI, staffing managers can create job post copies that have a very high conversion rate. The tool potentially eliminates unnecessary jargon,  gender-coded words, and any kind of racial bias speech. Plus, staffing companies can do away with biases from the very beginning of the recruiting process, allowing them to foster the policies related to various biases.


In the case of paid advertisements, it automatically tweaks the advert copies, allowing the staffing managers to improve the campaign results through timely amendments.


  • Better the Interviewing Experience


Video interviews have been one of the most accepted trends in the staffing industry. With the growing remote culture, companies have started recruiting candidates from across the globe, creating a significant demand for video interviewing.


What if you can enhance the same video interviewing to help you recruit candidates more efficiently? AI can amp up the video interview game by allowing you to sense the candidate’s expressions better and better understand their body, stress level, tone, and other behavioral aspects.


This can help the staffing managers to better understand if the candidate qualifies for the role and has been credible enough about the shared information. Thus, improving the quality of hire and reducing the employee turn-over rate.


From souring to interviewing to onboarding, AI will continue to change the way the staffing industry functions. The change is inevitable. This makes it imperative for companies to opt for technologically innovative solutions coupled with AI capabilities and gain a competitive edge in 2022 and beyond.

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