Finding the Right Technology for your Staffing Company

Finding the right technology to fit in with your unique processes can be a challenge. You need to find a solution that satisfies today's needs but can also grow and change with your company as your requirements and demands change.

While the specializations you serve within your vertical(s) and the services you offer will be specific, most of the processes will be similar when considered more widely. For example, managing clients, recruitment, employment, and job management.

Furthermore, the same processes will be repeated many times given their criticality to any business in the industry; recruiting, onboarding, job management, client services, payroll and invoices. What sets you apart won’t be these processes and admin tasks, but your unique service, style, how you communicate with your workforce and clients, and how fast you fill the jobs.

When it’s done right technology is key to allowing you to focus on what’s’ important; your core business, whilst saving you time and effort when dealing with the admin tasks and processes that every company needs to do out of necessity. Given the criticality of getting the right technology, it’s important to think not only about how it meets your needs but to seek a solution that provides flexibility and scalability for your future.

Your clients’ needs are also going to change over time and you need to respond. Just one example could be that the way you provide invoices needs to work according to a new system or protocols, such as by integrating with the client’s system for a more efficient process. Does your current technology allow for this change? While it’s not possible to predict the future with 100% accuracy, an awareness of advances in technology will help future proof your technology and your business.

While the core process for staffing companies are similar, what will set each apart are those unique processes and identifiers. There is little value in focusing on the standard administration tasks. Technology can help you manage these processes in an efficient way. The value to your staffing company is in what makes you different, what makes your service of value to your clients.

The mapping of any unique or specific processes is critical. Your technology should be customized to your needs, but it’s also worth remembering that this technology should balance your current and future needs so that you have a potentially long-term solution that will help keep your staffing business competitive for many years to come.
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