Factors in Workforce Management Technology Success

A recent industry report says that 40 percent of staffing professionals predict an increase in technology investments in 2020. If you’re part of that group of companies planning to improve your technology—or considering it for the future—you may have thought about creating your own workforce management solution.
NextCrew’s Experience with Staffing Tech

NextCrew has been handling staffing technology since 2012. Since then, our users have increased their requests for various workforce management features. Technology is changing every industry, including the staffing industry. Companies want innovative tools for streamlining operations and gaining a competitive edge. In our experience, it can be a complex task to create a platform that can handle the changing needs of a business. It may take millions of dollars and several years to complete the first phase of a program. From there, you can expect to spend time and money keeping up with changes in technology and the shifting industry itself.

Creating Workforce Management Technology

1. Robust application architecture is key. You will always need to make changes to your system to keep up with the industry and technology itself. You need to be able to enhance your application quickly and easily.

2. An intuitive interface is vital. You will need to make it easy for your end user to operate and understand your program.

3. A well-architected, normalized database structure ensures efficiency within your application. The ability to create real-time data on demand is critical if you’d like to benefit from your management tools.

4. Robust load management is also important. Demands on your program should not bring it down.

5. Browser compatibility and security keep your program accessible for all users. Keep your program safe for your company and its clients to use too. It should apply to the program/application, and its database, servers, operating system, and any other tech involved.

6. You need automated testing to help find problems before they happen in a real-world application. Redundancy and backups for your mission-critical programs and information are essential.

7. A mobile application is practically non-negotiable today.

8. You will also need open API and integration capabilities to create the most powerful system possible, helping applications to communicate and interact with each other.

You can do it yourself. (We did!) But be aware that instead of spending the time and money, you can easily license our proven white-label technology for a fraction of the cost. By using our technology, you have the benefit of a ready-made solution that can be integrated with your existing systems and you can focus on your business operations instead.
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