Digitalization: Solution to Covid-19 Staffing Crisis?

Digitalization is the game-changer after the corona crisis. Every industry now understands the importance of digitalization, and the staffing industry is no exception. 


By 2025, global digital transformation spending is forecast to reach 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars.



Meaning, businesses from all sectors are gradually moving towards digitalization. The credit essentially goes to remote working. Remote working has already been one of the staffing industry’s trends in 2020 and 2021, and it looks like it is here to stay for 2022 and beyond. 


In the staffing industry, the importance of digitalization increased as the manual process happens to be time-consuming and lengthy.  The tedious onboarding process of the growing remote workforce is managed through just a few clicks!


Traditional approaches offer convenience until implemented within a physical range, whereas digitalization offers work comfort beyond global boundaries. It enables the possibility of addressing a worldwide audience with diverse abilities through a single software. Staffing managers can effortlessly connect with the candidates as well as with the end clients through a single user interface. This means, digitalization just shrinks the global distance to zero and dissolves the international boundaries significantly. 


Plus, when you digitize, you eliminate most manual jobs and reduce dependency on paperwork. Technology can seamlessly digitize manual procedures like resume screening, removal,  onboarding, and other staffing activities primarily dependent on documentation.


COVID-19's most significant impact on the staffing sector in the year 2020-21 was witnessed during the months when spiking unemployment rates was the talk of the town. As a result, many staffing firms are trying to find ways to cope with challenging recruitment market conditions. But, how?


As mentioned earlier in the article, digitalization has been widely accepted by businesses across the globe. Staffing businesses, too, are realizing the momentum and banking upon the digital wave to get the required business boost. 


Following are the ways digitalization can solve the Covid-19 challenges for staffing agencies:


Streamline Your Scheduling


Covid-19 not only spiked the Covid cases across the nation. It also generated a massive rise in remote working jobs. The 9-5 sitting gradually transformed into flexible remote sitting, which required modern agile solutions.


The solution here is staffing software. An innovative staffing solution makes it easier to schedule your remote employees, post upcoming assignments, schedule jobs, and manage timesheets.


Try switching to software if you currently use a spreadsheet or calendar to post your end-client’s job schedules. The reason is, scheduling with spreadsheets and calendars is tedious and inefficient, and you'll have to open several programs or juggle both the computer and paper calendars. Why waste your efficiency in tasks that you can easily automate in order to increase your business productivity when it matters the most?


Organize Your Staffing Data


Your staffing department stores a lot of data, analytics, and workers’ information. Right? 


This includes all the information related to previous issues, yearly performance data, open-to-hire ratios, performance reviews, and much more. 


Workforce management software can help you securely access your employee's data and review it at your convenience, making it more secure than an online folder or document. When you’re catering to remote workers as a staffing company, more than ever, it’s advisable to invest in software that offers security, transparency, and smooth processing.


Find the Right Applicants for Your Open Positions


Digitalizing the staffing process makes it easier to create job postings, allowing you to post job openings on a single platform without depending on multiple social media platforms and ATS. Pondering upon, how?


Well, a good staffing software doesn’t require the support of multiple ATS, job boards, or social media platforms in order to help you source, recruit, and onboard candidates. It can work independently, offering all the capabilities of these tools in one software while also solving the bottlenecks within the interview process. So, you can send automated emails, schedule meetings, track the candidates’ responses, and offer insights on the hiring, all through just a few clicks. Yes, it gets that easy!


Streamline the Onboarding Process


When a new employee joins your team, it might be challenging for you to process the onboarding paperwork considering the other core activities you might be occupied with. Especially, during these times when your staffing agency requires you to focus on core strategies and future planning.


Staffing, if done manually, need a human resource to set up the new worker accounts, complete paperwork, and complete their onboarding documentation. Whereas, if done with the help of modern tools, it can save efforts and time by letting you manage these processes without needing any single-page paperwork.


Improve Your Talent Acquisition Strategy


Your talent acquisition strategy game needs to be strong to get the business back on track and stay ahead of the competition. Something that might be challenging to achieve through the old approaches.


You can create a list of available job openings and post them through the single interface by trying your hands into digitalization. Why juggle multiple job boards and ATS when you can manage talent acquisition through a single software?


It will also help you screen candidates and schedule interviews to take the process ahead. Your talent acquisition approach defines the brand identity of your staffing company. So, why comprise with that due to the old-age manual approach?


The crisis has adversely impacted your business significantly, don’t let your approach toward the business deteriorate it further.


The challenge of recruiting during COVID-19 is a no-brainer. Fortunately, one solution may be digitalization to potentially cope-up with the unprecedented crisis. Is this an answer your staffing organization explored yet? If not, we recommend taking a closer look at what you could accomplish with AI in your hiring process. To learn these benefits from experts, drop us an email at



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