Create an Efficient Staffing Operation that Works when you Sleep

Dealing with a high volume of jobs in a temporary workforce means there is a lot for your staffing company to manage, from information to processes. When jobs are requested last minute, it might feel like you always need to be there for your clients. When do you focus on other business operations, let alone sleep?

A strong combination of automation, and offloading appropriate tasks to clients or the workforce via self-service, can restore balance to your work while ensuring that everyone gets what they need. Talent has access to high-quality jobs, clients have access to high-quality talent, and your system works diligently without requiring constant oversight.

Here are a few tips about what you can do with the right tech in place.
Allow Clients to Post Jobs

If you’re handling a lot of client texts, calls, and emails, especially for last-minute jobs, there’s a more efficient way to handle this. With a staff request form accessible online or via a smart device, your clients can self-serve, adding a job to the system without the need for duplicate data entry. It also enables your clients to request jobs 24/7, without you having to be there to pick up the request.

Self-Service HR Management

A high volume workforce can also lead to a lot of wasted time managing requests for changed emails or phone numbers, the addition of new credentials, inputting a recent move into the system, or otherwise modifying HR profiles.

Just like the self-service job request system, self-service HR management empowers talent to update their own information, ensuring accuracy while saving time.

Automated Job Management

Linking talent to the right job is a key part of your staffing company, and you can streamline this without losing accuracy or customer service. Use a system that automatically notifies talent of jobs, based on criteria like location, rating, and schedule, all of which goes to the talent’s preferred form of communication. Now you don’t have to sift through the entire pool and wait for a response.

When talent accepts a job, add in automated reminders. This way, you can avoid no-shows without having to take the time to send manual reminders. You can even set up criteria based on cli-ent ratings, which you can also enable as part of an automated system.

Mobile App Clock-in and Out

Chasing down timesheets and approving the information is time-consuming. Use a mobile app for clocking in and out, complete with photo evidence and geofencing. If employees are where they’re supposed to be, the app will show it without you needing to double-check.

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