5 Things You Cannot Expect to Achieve With Non-digitalized Staffing Processes

Wht to Not Expect from a Non-digitalized Workforce Management Processes?

At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… If they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.


 — John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco System


And, we can’t agree more! The key to surviving in the modern world is to embrace every bit of technology that can help you stay on par with the growing competition. This applies to each and every industry, and the staffing industry is no exception. 


Undoubtedly, the staffing industry has come a long way in adopting technology in daily processing. But have we implemented it to its full potential?


According to recent digital transformation research by Forrester, until now, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation.


That implies that while the growing mobile-only workforce, gig economy, and social distancing culture have been demanding complete digital transformation, 85% of the remaining businesses are still contemplating whether to do away with the manual or semi-manual working mentality or not.


But, what these businesses are not acknowledging is that these manual or semi-digitalized processes can never yield results that they have been discussing in the board rooms.


With a manual or semi-digitalized staffing approach, you can never expect


Accurate Timesheets, Payroll and Billing 


Yes, you read it right! Manual staffing management can never allow 100% accurate and correct timesheet management, payrolling, and billing. After all, to err is human, right?


Every staffing company goes through the time-consuming and manual process of extracting timesheets from different workers and then carrying out payroll and invoicing through those details. That means, in case there has been any sort of human error in the first place, the final processing is bound to be incorrect. 


A modern on-demand staffing software makes these time-consuming payroll and billing administrative tasks more straightforward, allowing you to focus on other core business responsibilities and ensure your employees are accurately billed and timely paid.

Employee Productivity


As mentioned before, relying on traditional methodologies requires piles of paperwork, potentially leading to incorrect data and, consequently, demotivated workforce. 


Having your staffing managers engaged in figuring out the errors in the timesheet calculations or monthly payroll reports will just adversely impact their productivity and motivation towards the work they do.


For instance, implementing the latest staffing software solutions equipped with geofencing capabilities will let your staffing manager accurately track the performances of the on-site workers and assist your end clients with accurate and transparent staff reporting. 


Now, consider performing the same process manually. Wouldn’t that make a massive difference to the process efficiency and employee work productivity?


Negligence towards implementing automated staffing solutions will never help you cut down these tedious jobs for fast and efficient working and help your staffing coordinators perform better by focusing on more crucial duties.


Recruiting the Best Workers for Your End Clients


The best staffing and recruiting software comprises highly accurate and smart searching and tracking capabilities that timely notify you with all the latest information to make more informed decisions for the employees and clients and improve the quality of staffing processes. Something that’s not quite possible despite employing thousands of human resources.


Your clients demand recruiting of the best possible workers for their business. To ensure the same, you need to have the right staffing tools that can foster strong communication of your staffing manager with candidates as well as with the end clients.


Bear in mind, jumping from one window to another for communicating with the candidates whereas communicating with all the employees through one single platform in your preferred mode of communication makes a huge difference!


Speedy Reporting and Data Collection


Hiring delays can deteriorate your client relationships and the overall growth of your staffing business. A staffing manager who is already engaged in managing the paperwork of the timesheets, onboarding, and invoicing of different workers of different clients will never have enough time to create smart reports and timely update the clients.


Even if they manage to do so, there is a high probability of incorrect data regarding billed hours, employees onboarded, and other crucial information. Modern workforce management solutions put you ahead of the increasing competition by letting you source the required information and onboard candidates quickly and without any hassles of paperwork.


Given that data in today’s modern business world holds a lot of importance for decision-makers to get insights into the staffing business’s future, sourcing and managing accurate performance reports can be a daunting job without any automation.


Foster Candidate and Client Relationships 


The staffing industry is built on relationships. Whether it’s a relationship with workers or a relationship with end clients, it’s crucial to maintain the highest level of trust with candidates and clients through transparent communication and processes.


And, transparent communication can be established when you have a comprehensive platform that keeps you all on the same page through real-time information and communication exchange.


Can the back and forth process of sending out emails or answering calls allow you to establish the same and foster your relationships?

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