5 Steps to Improving Staffing Agency Bottlenecks

How to Improve Staffing Company Bottlenecks? Bottlenecks frustrate everyone; you, your clients, and your workforce. To get to the bottom of bottlenecks and stop them from further impacting your business, examine these key areas of your business processes.
1. Human Resources Bottlenecks

If people in human resources are spending their time going through every single resume and application, you’re losing valuable time. This is a prime location for a bottleneck. Human resources can benefit from automation of the job seeker database. Give your talent pool the ability to manage their own profiles. Consider the success of LinkedIn, which allows users to input their own resume, skills, and other associated work information. By giving your workforce the right tools to create a robust employee database, you will take the burden away from HR and you will see things speed up.

2. Job Management Bottlenecks

Manual management of jobs will slow down any staffing business considerably. You can automate job management, using dynamic tools to notify qualified people within your database of relevant jobs, using their preferred communication method – SMS, Email, Mobile App. If your workforce is located in various regions, having a technology which can notify based on their GEO location would be a biggest time saver. In simple words , “uberize” your workforce.

3. Post Job Management Bottlenecks

Gathering feedback from clients and staff for post job management purposes will create efficiency through the whole system. You can use digital tools to ask for information, then use it in your dynamic information management system to avoid potential issues in the future.

4. Timesheet Management Bottlenecks

Collecting timesheet from your staff and getting them approved by your clients in a timely fashion is not easy. If you’re a typical staffing agencies , this approval is received in all shapes and sizes – email, text , paper. Allowing staff to update their own timesheet online , would prevent keying error and unnecessary data entry. When jobs are completed, skip the paper timesheet. Use digital tools like a mobile app or web check-in, for speed, efficiency, and ease of use, as well as access to real-time information. Allow your clients to digitize their timesheet approvals via a mobile app or on the web. As a consequence, invoicing will happen more quickly.

5. Payroll and Invoice Management Bottlenecks

A lot of people are involved in payroll and invoice management. From employees to administrators, to your invoicing and payroll departments, this data goes through a lot of hands. It can move very slowly if it’s not managed well. This is the part of your staffing process that needs to move quickly, however, as nobody wants to experience a delay in payment. Integration with your payroll and invoice system from workforce management system is the key for faster invoicing , resulting into quicker payment from the clients. If you use a system like QuickBooks , it may be possible to easily bridge two systems for seamless integration. Payroll can also benefit from automation and digitization, saving valuable time and freeing staff for upcoming jobs. Almost all payroll systems offer a way to import data using their preferred file format.

If you’re experiencing staffing bottlenecks, you have an opportunity to transform your business. With some analysis of your processes and the right technology, you can make your business more efficient and serve your clients better.
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