Workforce Management Software With a Hybrid Approach

While being fully automated might sound nice, a workforce management software with a hybrid approach including automated and manual processes can cause less confusion and inefficiencies.

The appeal of a fully automated, brand new workforce management software is of course appealing, but if you are considering moving your company to automated processes and moving away from a legacy manual system, remember that there is value in a hybrid approach for key processes. That’s because offering one way to do things can actually cause more confusion and inefficiencies.
Self-service vs. Manual

Locking your staff into only one option for profile management will alienate those who don’t pre-fer your chosen method, which ultimately means your staff pool may be reduced. A hybrid ap-proach allows for the bulk of staff to self-serve in their own preferred method — mobile, through an app, or on a website, for example — while giving some leeway to people who are excellent at what they do but not quite tech savvy.

Job Management

On a similar note, if you choose just one method of automated job management, you won’t keep everyone happy and engaged. Again, it’s a matter of giving people options while gently encourag-ing the method that cuts down on manual repetition on your end.

Workforce management software like ours gives your staffing pool several options of communica-tion methods, like mobile app, SMS, email, or a website, so they can pick the approach that garners the best response. If you have a small number of people who want manual management, you can consider that or help them select an automated approach that they can learn.

Timesheets, Approvals and Payment

While it’s generally best to choose some kind of automated timesheet method to prevent the hassle of chasing people down who forget to clock in or out on paper, you can again offer several choices to your clients and your staff. Our workforce management software makes it easy for staff to clock in using options like a mobile app, a web clock, or web check-in, all of which allow for self-service on the client’s end, too.

When it’s time for your clients to approve those timesheets, go with what keeps them responsive and happy. You can provide a list of choices that include mobile apps and websites, and, for your trusted legacy clients, manual paper approvals.

Payment, for both the client paying you and your agency paying your staff, is more flexible than ever before with today’s technology. Set up automated clearing house direct deposit, accept checks (even with mobile apps), or cash cards.

Most importantly, in whatever you do, remember that automation is vital, but we should still not forget the power of human touch. NextCrew is here to help you with both — get in touch.

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