Benefits of NextCrew Healthcare Staffing Software

Why are NextCrew Solutions Must for Your Healthcare Staffing Business?


Recovering the business from the past year’s healthcare staffing crisis and present talent shortage required healthcare staffing business owners to get over traditional staffing models and embark on a journey of digital transformation and automation. Happy clients and happy on-site nurses/doctors are more important than ever!


The right staffing software in place allows healthcare staffing businesses to organize the entire workforce management process and not spend hours and days in activities that can be easily automated.  


Since every healthcare staffing business has its own unique challenges and demands, it turns out to be of utmost importance to have robust medical staffing software that suffices the changing requirements and challenges.


For these many years, NextCrew has proved to be the best possible staffing software for the healthcare staffing businesses that want to gain a competitive edge through the implementation of best-in-class solutions. 


The reason being,


  1. NextCrew offers the right and modern solution to traditional onboarding. Its easy-to-use interface and e-signature module are a must for healthcare staffing agencies looking for a seamless onboarding experience for the on-site healthcare staff. 
  2. NextCrew medical staffing software regularly notifies about outstanding and expiring credentials to the staffing managers of our clients. It also helps them in carrying out the yearly assessment duties of the nurses and doctors through the 3rd party integration facility.


Moreover, it offers the doctors and nurses the flexibility to manage their compliance documentation through our software’s HR self-service capabilities. By doing so, our healthcare staffing clients can streamline their healthcare credentialing process and increase audit readiness. 


So, if you want to ensure prioritizing digital compliance while considering a healthcare staffing software for your company, then opt for a robust solution like NextCrew.


3. Our solution offers the utmost flexibility and agility. Are you tired of manually managing the job schedules of multiple medical staff for various clients? Not the case with NextCrew clients. NextCrew healthcare workforce management software offers multiple workforce management features and allows them to automate all the time-consuming, complex tasks & focus on the other core business responsibilities.


Plus, our healthcare staffing management software offers complete flexibility to the on-site healthcare workers in order to better manage their availability for different jobs. This ensures efficient shift scheduling, eliminating chances of scheduling errors. Something that’s a must for today’s growing healthcare staffing business, isn’t it?


4. Timesheet management is tedious. Let us just agree to it. Going through piles of timesheets to manage time logs of all the temporary medical workers just drains you of all the energy left for the day. This creates a necessity for a modern staffing solution. 


NextCrew’s robust healthcare staffing app with innovative geofencing capabilities allows accurate time reporting and digital timesheet approval. The geofencing technology feature of the NextCrew timesheet management software,


  • Lets you create a virtual barrier around the job site when used along with a GPS-enabled application. As a result, the staff can clock in only when they are physically present within the virtual boundaries created by you.


  • Reminds the employees to clock in or out on entering or leaving the geofence created by you for the particular job, decreasing the occurrence of timesheet errors and edits.


  • Allows hospitals and facilities to approve the nurse or doctor’s timesheet from their preferred mobile/tablet/desktop system.


  • Reports flagged timesheets for employees who're on the clock but are outside of a job site.


  • Allows the staffing managers to get the signature from the supervisor onsite through the in-built e-document capabilities. Staffing managers can send the e-document to the worker’s mobile app so that the supervisor can sign at the end of the shift.


So, as a staffing manager of a healthcare staffing firm, our clients can easily set up a geofence around the hospitals.


If a nurse/doctor is late at the job site and attempts to begin the shift through the timesheet management app on their smartphone before they arrive at the job site, they will be unable to do so.


Similarly, you’ll be able to track staff and flag the timesheet if they attempt to leave the hospital before the shift hours. Doesn’t that sound like a silver lining to a busy operations manager like you?

5. Processing the payroll of different healthcare workers every day might sound like a daunting task, but not with NextCrew!


NextCrew on-demand staffing software integrates effortlessly with your preferred payrolling and invoicing software. So that, you can set aside the worries of not being able to utilize the payroll and other software that you have been using for your everyday business to create automated processes to power your healthcare staffing business.


NextCrew’s medical staffing software seamlessly integrates with the existing systems such as QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, Paypal, and even instant pay using NextCrew’s open API for all the payroll and invoicing activities post-approval, avoiding all manual errors and duplication.


The benefits of the NextCrew healthcare staffing solution are many, and so are the reasons to incorporate it in your staffing process. Drop us an email at to get started.

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