What To Expect From NextCrew Hospitality Staffing Software?

Running a hospitality staffing company is way more complicated & daunting than it seems. First, you've to hire the most qualified & experienced staffing managers to recruit the best candidates for your hospitality clients. Secondly, the time-to-fill is slightly higher for top hospitality positions; hence, you've to maintain your revenue numbers and finally meet the expectations. 


Yes, establishing a strong hospitality staffing agency is one heck of a task, but NextCrew staffing software with its array of advanced features can help you accomplish your big goals. 


What is NextCrew?


For the busy hospitality workplaces with huge staffing requirements, staff scheduling for hotels and resorts can be grueling. Between finding seasonal hospitality staff and managing the shifting workers’ schedules, it easily gets tedious to manage it all.


NextCrew hospitality recruitment software easily handles staff schedule management, timesheet management, and payroll and invoices management, all-through a user-friendly and robust hospitality management software, simplifying and streamlining your hotel staff scheduling as well as enhancing employee productivity.


Key Features of Nextcrew's Staffing Solution for Hospitality Industry 


  • It helps you gain real-time insights into the on-site workers’ clock-ins and clock-outs.
  • NextCrew dedicated mobile app enables uninterrupted communication with the hospitality staff.
  • The employees can easily be assigned to multiple locations and work shifts. 
  • It helps in productivity management of on-site staff timesheets & raising invoices without making your staffing team get buried in piles of paperwork daily. 
  • NextCrew helps in efficiently assigning workers with the right mix of skills and qualifications for the different shifts without any scope of confusion or tedious paperwork.


Progressive Hospitality Staffing Mobile App for Efficient Management, Anytime & Anywhere


NextCrew hospitality staffing software has a dedicated mobile app that can be accessed on tablets and smartphones. It ensures that you and your staffing team never miss any real-time activity. The complete array of staffing tools are available all the time for your staffing agency. You've also access to reports and analytics while being anywhere in the world; all you need is internet connectivity and a smart gadget to browse it. 


Paperless Onboarding for Temporary & Permanent Staff with NextCrew


With NextCrew staffing software, the candidates' onboarding can be done virtual, paperless. It is instrumental in hiring staff temporarily for your hospitality clients without having your staffing managers go through the conventional screening and onboarding procedure. The onboarding can be customized according to your brand guidelines and identity.


Smart Reports & Analytics with NextCrew


Improving the hiring rate and client satisfaction in the hospitality industry is all about looking into the key metrics' every minute details. Based on the regular analysis, make necessary tweaks to your sourcing and hiring process to fill the job positions faster and with the right candidates getting the job. 


Efficient Hospitality Workforce Management & Scheduling with NextCrew


Managing & optimizing the workforce is of paramount importance to the profitability in the hospitality sector. This particular industry has its own set of challenges for managing the workforce. This is where NextCrew's solution comes into play by scheduling staffing and preparing invoices for the temporary employees on time with accurate time tracking. The dynamic and increasing labor force needs can be met efficiently. So, all-in-all, NextCrew is a comprehensive staffing software for the hospitality industry with various features that do the job efficiently. 


Let’s Find Out 


If you want to know how NextCrew hospitality software can help your staffing business, connect with our technical team, and we're ready to answer even the minutest query of yours right away. We assure you of the market's most competitive prices; contact us today at info@nextcrew.com.




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