What Makes NextCrew Your One-stop Staffing Solution?

What Makes NextCrew Your One-stop Staffing Solution?


Staffing has always been about making finding jobs and candidates in a more straightforward and efficient way. Right?


But, what if the staffing businesses are themselves finding it challenging enough to meet the continuously changing staffing requirements of the end clients and staffing support requirements of the candidates?


Clients today demand a timely and uninterrupted flow of communication along with best-in-class servicing. On the other hand, candidates (primarily millennials) prefer profound accessibility to modern technologies that allows them to work efficiently and not stuck with old-fashioned methods.


Meeting this can be a daunting task for the staffing businesses, and sometimes they find themselves at their wit’s end. Reasons being,


  1. Adamant attitude towards acceptance of intelligent solutions
  2. Inconsistent efforts in keeping all the communications organized 
  3. Not acknowledging the evolving modern requirements of the candidates and clients


This rigidness towards adapting the new ways of functioning and assisting the clients as well as candidates can not only hamper the relationships with them but also burn out the staffing coordinations struggling with the old-fashioned methodologies.


To avoid employee exhaustion, fractured relationships with clients, and disappointment among the workers, the staffing businesses need to wake up and switch to a one-stop modern staffing solution.


Well, better late than never!


On-demand staffing software like NextCrew helps temporary staffing agencies succeed in the growing gig economy by implementing a robust cloud-based temporary staffing software for complete staffing needs. This results in much-needed digital transformation and automation for efficient short-term and temporary workforce management as well as client relationship management. 


NextCrew can be your one-stop staffing solution, right from sourcing to onboarding to timesheet management to payroll and to invoice. It has everything under the sun to offer you to create a seamless staffing experience.


In addition to that, you can effortlessly integrate your preferred invoicing and payroll software to manage everything through one platform. To provide you with detailed information on how this modern workforce management is the one you need to have for your entire staffing needs, read below.


  • Recruiting and Onboarding


When you partner with NextCrew to support you with the right employee onboarding solution, you free yourself from onboarding formalities and focus more on creating a better employer brand. 


Our staff onboarding tools let you, 


  • Integrate your preferred job boards to our recruiting & onboarding application seamlessly and find candidates quickly for your clients.


  • Automatically synchronize all the new hire HR information with your integrated payroll system. No more duplicacy, no more double-checking!


  • Use our software as a standalone platform or integrate with your preferred ATS through an open API.


  • Effortlessly verify your worker's qualifications and other background details along with the necessary screening process.


  • Offer employees a paperless onboarding experience by letting them gather electronic signatures through our customizable pre-boarding solution. Say goodbye to piles of boring paperwork and say hello to automation!


Learn more about NextCrew recruiting and onboarding solution, here.


  • Job Scheduling and Management


NextCrew is your one-stop staffing solution because the support is not focused on one or two aspects of staffing. Talking about job scheduling and management,


  • It offers smooth job scheduling and shift management based on qualifications, availability, or geographic proximity, allowing the staffing managers to work in a face-paced environment and respond to client queries swiftly.


  • It automates job opening notifications based on location, skills, and availability, reducing your time to fill rate.


  • Helps engage with the onboarded workers via their preferred communication channels- text or email through our single staffing mobile software/app. This offers them more accessibility and comfortability—also a better way for you to keep all the communications organized.


  • When you showcase your best-sourced candidates to clients based on ratings and preferences, you significantly cut down the staffing coordinator’s time to fill rate and increase your work productivity.


Learn more about NextCrew job scheduling and management solution, here.


  • HR Self-service


When you allow the workers to provide, edit, and manage their information in your organization’s employee database portal, you reduce dependency on staffing coordinators for timely updating the employee profile information and reduces the probability of human errors.


  • Timesheet Management


When you eliminate manual timesheets, set up job site-specific geofence, send out bulk emails, integrate payroll to your preferred 3rd party platform, manage accounting and reviews through an all-in-one workforce management software, you establish an accurate and time-saving timesheet and payroll process.


Learn more about the NextCrew timesheet management, here.


  • Third-party Integrations


NextCrew on-demand staffing software integrates effortlessly with your preferred technology software. So that, you can set aside the worries of not being able to utilize the payroll and other software that you have been using for your everyday business.

NextCrew temporary staffing software complements your existing systems by providing an uninterrupted integration to 3rd party software and technologies like QuickBooks, ADP, Salesforce, and Paypal.


Learn more about how NextCrew offers seamless integration to 3rd party technologies, here.


  • Insightful Business Analytics


Modern workforce management solutions put you ahead of the increasing competition by letting you source the required information and onboard candidates quickly, without any hassles of paperwork.


Given that data in today’s modern business world holds a lot of importance for decision-makers to get insights into the staffing business’s future, sourcing and managing accurate performance reports can be a daunting job without any automation.


With NextCrew,


  • Apply business intelligence to critical projections like unfilled job matrix, revenue by the client, and gross profit margins by job to facilitate your staffing agency's growth.


  •  Improve current processes and collaboration to handle future projections by getting real-time information at your fingertips through our range of NextCrew staffing software solutions.


  •  Access Job acceptances & rejections audit data for legal tracking and performance evaluation.


  •  Gain access to an extensive library of easy-to-use delivered daily reports through rich, powerful, user-friendly visualizations and helpful dashboards.


A workforce that is enabled with the latest staffing solutions is capable enough to help your staffing agency eliminate all manual tasks, keep all the communications in one place, and establish a robust relationship with workers as well as the clients. 


So, why not have a one-stop robust staffing solution than multiple software for specific tasks?

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