Scheduling Software and More: 10 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Staffing

The staffing industry moves quickly and involves a lot of repetitive work. What if you could automate those repeated tasks — with scheduling software, for instance — to reduce the cost of staffing operations and improve productivity and customer service? With the right staffing software, it’s easy to do exactly that, setting your business up to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Job Board Integration
Automatically posting available jobs to different job boards from your workforce management system ensures that opportunities get out in front of people, while removing duplicate data entry and allowing for your own staff to track campaign success.

Using a digital platform, you can automate documents, even on the scale of hundreds of candidates needing daily paperwork. Automation allows the system to automatically release documents to the right people, with the added bonus of pre-filled information on your end.

Employee Engagement and Profile Management
An automated self-service option for your employees keeps candidates engaged, allows them to fill in and update their own profiles, and enables your agency to send out automated, friendly commu-nication.

Job Notifications
Let the workforce know what’s available without wasting their time or yours, by automating the system to send notifications only for jobs which are applicable to a specific employee, based on distance, skill, availability, or any other criteria you set.

Licenses and Certification Expiration
Valid license and credentials are so important, but with a varied workforce it gets complicated to keep track. Automatically inform staff of when their certifications and licenses are going to expire and send an alert to your agency as well.

Job Confirmation and Reminders
Sending out manual emails or worse, calling staff to remind them of jobs, is a huge waste of time. Automate this and you’ll give people the heads up they need without tying up someone on the agency side with mundane and repetitive work.

Timesheet Approval Reminder
Everyone wants to get paid on time, but you don’t want to have to harass your clients endlessly. By automating reminders and giving them access to approve timesheets via an easy-to-use scheduling software, everyone gets what they want.

No-show Reminders
How do you track who is not on site, and avoid the problems of no-shows? If someone no-shows, an automated system can let you know right away, alert others who can fill in, and attach a flag to the no-show’s profile for the future.

Time-clock Reminders
Reminding people about checking in and out so the client is happy, the staff get paid, and your business looks good.

Payment Info Reminder
Bank and address information is another area where it’s hard to keep up with changes. If bank or address info changes in your staff’s self-serve profiles, you can automate a reminder to the admin to update it within the financial department.

NextCrew’s scheduling software does all of this and more to reduce the cost of staffing.
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