Upgrading your WFM Software Can Reap Many Rewards

Modern technology is poised to change how staffing agencies compete. If you’re looking for a way to move ahead in the staffing market, a change to your tech can make a big difference. Workforce management tech — also known as WFM software — can streamline so many disparate parts of your operation instead of working with old, outdated processes.

The key is not to get stuck with one system, especially if it is a system that is not giving you a competitive edge. Many companies stick with what they know because it’s what they have always done. And as companies grow, often they can find a tendency to “Frankenstein” existing, outdated systems. Making sure yours is streamlined with a new and emerging technologies is central to creating efficiencies.

As technology improves, companies should seriously consider overhauling their existing setup to create a technological ecosystem where the best systems can “speak” seamlessly with one another, allowing improved efficiencies across the board.
Benefits of an improved WFM software

Offering a better WFM software to your staffing coordinators lets them focus on what matters, in-stead of devoting their time and resources to manual tasks. It’s not just a matter of saving time — keeping your staffing coordinators focused on manual tasks can actually be more expensive than you might think, as they are pulled away from growing and expanding the business in favor of managing the status quo, cutting down on your potential for profits in the staffing market, and pos-sibly causing an expensive bottleneck further in the process as lost time starts to become more pressing.

It’s not just your own permanent staff who can be motivated and improved through access to the right technology. A self-service option for your workforce gets your talent engaged, as they are the ones who control when, where, and how they will be contacted for the jobs they say they prefer. It’s also yet another cost-cutting advantage in the staffing market, as you can reduce the need for HR management.

Automating job management follows along similar lines, improving your stance in the staffing market as clients and your agency can access job notifications, invoicing, and payments, so there is no time or money wasted on any aspect of matching talent and clients and getting everyone squared away when the job is done.

Online timesheet approval for faster invoicing, the ability to request staff 24/7 through mobile or web alerts, and the ability to offer staff reviews and ratings are just a few examples of how your clients will get better results with the right technology.

WFM software allows everyone in the process to work smarter, not harder, which is attractive to clients and talent alike.

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