Time to Establish Age Diverse Workplace is Now

How Diversifying Can Help Companies Become Best Staffing Agency?


Whether it’s the USA or UK or any other part of the world, a workforce that is diverse in terms of their age has always shown better results in comparison to a workforce that prioritizes only millennials or gen- x.


Gen X or Generation X is a collateral term given to a specific generation segment of Americans, those born between the mid-1960s and early 1980s. 


This generation has witnessed some of the world's greatest technological advancements, right from the evolution of computers to space exploration. 


They grew up during the era when the world saw a dramatic rise of women present at workplaces — both parents were working to meet the family's ends. Thus, Gen Xers had to spend most of the time with no parental supervision. 


Those who belong to Gen X are independent and adaptable. Since they were born at the age of both parents working, they have learned to be independent & adaptable to any situation hurled their way. 


They love their freedom and have the ability to deal with all kinds of challenges without anyone's help. Having said that, they can easily adapt to new staffing technologies and tools.


But, will focusing your staffing agency’s recruitment drive largely and primarily on gen x candidates help you in growing further? To grow further in the staffing world that requires different types of expertise to handle various challenges, staffing companies need to emphasize greatly on diversified staffing; especially, when it comes to their age.


Undoubtedly, gen-xers are self-reliant. You can always count on them to upgrade their skills with minimum effort. If you empower your gen x staffing managers with the right tools, they can be motivated to deliver better results, way beyond your expectations. Plus, their self-reliance capabilities allow them to upgrade themselves to new trends easily and that too with minimal effort. 


However, when it comes to knowledge and expertise of the latest technologies, it’s the gen-z age-group employees that can help you navigate technologically complicated challenges. They can also help the business in being a technologically sound organization through their inputs.


By 2025, growing job demand for 97 million people will be needed for jobs such as AI and machine learning specialists, process automation specialists, big data specialists, and more.


Gen-z employees are generally highly tech-savvy. Along with the knowledge of the tools used in the early 20s, they also carry sound knowledge of modern tools required to run the processes efficiently. 


Millennials, on the other hand, are not as experienced and self-reliant as gen-x employees or as moderately experienced and technologically sound as gen-z employees.


But, what sets them apart is their attitude towards work. Employees from this age group desire to accomplish things as soon as possible, without putting in too much effort.


Though this quality might not seem like a sign of hard worker, it can still help your organization. There are times when experienced employees tend to put too much effort into processes and activities that might be requiring minimal effort. Or, they might not be having the right understanding of how to accomplish it quickly, 


During such times, millennials can offer tips and tricks that can help employees from other age groups learn how to solve modern challenges through modern solutions. After all, not everything requires years of experience or knowledge of trends from various centuries.


 So, the bottom line is that, in order to grow in the staffing market that is constantly evolving and throwing unusual challenges, businesses need to prioritize diverse age employees. 


2022 is around the corner. The recruitment strategies for establishing a good balance of age diversity needs to be curated at the earliest.

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