The Art of Offering Workforce-as-a-Service

Temporary staffing is on the rise. One study indicates that this field is predicted to grow three per cent in 2018, to $126.8 billion. With a stronger recovery projected for place and search, a four per cent growth to $146.6 billion is probable. Other figures suggest that in a three-year projection from 2017 to 2020, almost 200,000 new jobs are expected in the temporary help services industry. If offering workforce-as-a-service to your clients is part of your business, now is the time to perfect the art!
What Exactly is Workforce-as-a-Service?

People are used to getting what they need, fast, whether they are at home or at work. Consider service models like Amazon Prime, meal deliveries that people can track on their smart devices, and streaming television.

This expectation of quick request-fulfillment has spread to the temporary staffing industry, where companies want temp staff as required, even if it’s a last minute request, and they expect those requests to be filled without issue.

With workforce-as-a-service, a business will request their talent or temporary staff when needed, as needed, and only for the specified timeframe. Taking time to fulfill that request will lose you a client.

How to Offer Workforce-as-a-Service

The key to a successful workforce-as-a-service offering is to ensure that you can meet those demands for talent/staff every single time. If you are still manually calling or emailing your workforce pool, you simply cannot compete with a company that has automated their request fulfillment process.

With the right technology and tools, you can set up your temporary staffing request fulfillment to practically handle itself. Your clients will make a request that can be standardized using your preferred technology.

From there, your available workforce will automatically be filtered, and notified of the request. With the use of this technology, you can connect the client and your staff, without delay.

There are many companies that need workforce-as-a-service, such as hotels requesting housekeepers for a day, a school needing a substitute teacher for a day, a hospital asking for a nurse, or an event manager looking for a bartender.

With workforce-as-a-service, the staff with the appropriate skills are automatically notified that the job is open, and, upon acceptance, your client is informed that the spot has been filled, keeping everyone happy.

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