Streamlining the Onboarding Process for Staffing Companies

Every company and every industry can identify areas where business operations can improve. Inefficient practices can slow things down at times and even worse, sometimes grand things to a complete halt. In the staffing industry, the onboarding process is a place where many companies face challenge and could improve their efficiency.

Staffing companies have to streamline and automate onboarding as much as possible because of the sheer volume of people that have to be processed. The onboarding process represents a key step for staffing agencies, as this is how organizations get the candidates they need. But unless you have the right processes and technology in place to support efficient onboarding, it can become a painful bottleneck, very quickly, getting them officially hired and out the door so you can move on to your next job.

E-signature technology is fairly new and is a very effective tool to have in your tool belt, but it is not the final solution to streamlining. Employees need to sign their documents quickly before they lose interest, and e-signature is only one part of that push. Here are five ways your staffing agency can streamline your onboarding process to get those signatures quickly and easily.
Workflow-Driven Processes

Automation is key to streamlining any business operation, including the onboarding process. With workflow-driven processes, your organization can automatically send documents to employees based on their skill, region, or classification. No more manually sorting out which tax form to send; an automated process will look at the employee profile and select the right package to send, saving valuable time for your staff.

Integration With Background Checks

Background checks are a large part of onboarding for many staffing agencies, but these checks can represent a time suck. When you integrate your onboarding process with background check com-panies, you can automatically send names and details to the background check company for inves-tigation.

Pre-Filled Documents

Make things easier for your employees by automating documents to pre-fill as much information as possible, based on what you already have on hand. Even having someone’s name and address filled in can shave time off and make a big difference. Small things can add up to lots of saved time and resources.

Mobile E-Signature

Not everyone has immediate access to a desktop or laptop computer, but most people have a mobile device with them nearly all the time. Enabling the ability to sign documents on a mobile platform is a simple switch that can have a big impact on your onboarding process.

Processing Information

Give your agency the ability to process filled out information for reporting, so that any information filled in will automatically feed other forms. Any time you can cut out repeat data entry, it will have a positive effect on your business.

For staffing agencies looking to streamline their onboarding process, these are just a few items to consider. Having a workforce management system that automates is one that saves time and energy for you and your company, and the onboarding stage is one that can be particularly prickly. Don’t let it be.
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