Streamlined Staffing Software with Quickbooks Integration

Many staffing companies rely on QuickBooks for accounting, including invoicing and payroll. With both online and desktop versions, it’s an accessible program that does a lot. If you aren’t using QuickBooks in an integrated way, however, you may be missing out on some opportunities to streamline and automate.

QuickBooks can exchange data with many other systems, which helps to integrate your back-end operations, including staffing.

In QuickBooks, data from workforce management software can help you reduce costs, increase the speed of invoicing, and cut down on issues with data entry, such as duplicate information or typos. This efficiency can add to your bottom line and improve your overall business success.
Where you’re losing time

Integration with QuickBooks can eliminate staffing agency hang-ups. It is likely that your accounting team loses time creating invoices for approved time sheets. Invoices require a lot of data, such as staffing rates, line items for hours, and other details that change with each client and each staff member.

With QuickBooks, your accountant can easily manage large volumes of data and keep up with invoicing in a timely manner. Automating your system makes it possible to create new clients, invoices, and line items—cutting down manual entry, errors and the time it takes.

Payroll is also time-consuming, especially when data comes from several sources and must be entered by hand. When you integrate with QuickBooks, however, all of that is automated. As the hours are approved, the time sheets auto-create, and payroll data are also generated. By marking your talent as vendors or contractors, you can teach QuickBooks to create records that assist with payroll, too.

QuickBooks integration is a wise investment

If you are already using QuickBooks, you are well on your way to an integration set up that will ultimately save you a lot of time, and thus, save you money. All you need to do is invest in a workforce management technology that will populate QuickBooks with the information it needs, and your automation will be set.

When you invest in this type of system, you free up your agency staff to handle other parts of business operations that can grow your company, instead of getting stuck doing data entry.

You’ll invoice clients faster, keep your workforce happier with a smooth payroll process, and keep tabs on valuable business information.

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