Streamline Staffing Agency Operations

Investing in smart, on-demand workforce management technology that includes staff scheduling software is one of the best ways to streamline your operations and keep your clients happy. It’s not hard to imagine this scenario—you’ve definitely already had this happen at your staffing agency:

Your client desperately needs talent, and receive their request at the last moment. Your talent roster is not updated or readily available, so you cannot get back to your client on time. The result? You missed out on that revenue, plus you lose some of their goodwill.

In an ideal world, clients will put in their requests early and often, but everyone in the staffing agency world knows that the ideal does not always match reality. To your clients, the ideal scenario is that they make a request, however early or late, and your agency meets it with efficiency, skill, and talent! The good news is that staff scheduling software can make THIS scenario a reality.
How Staff Scheduling Software Can Help

When you get a request from a client and have scheduling software in place, your task is simple. When you sign talent on, they will fill in their profiles and manage them with up to date information, including contact details.

A cloud-based platform, NextCrew enables staff to use SMS, email, and a mobile app. As client requests come in, matching talent receive automatic alerts, taking some of the work off of your hands and automating it for best results. If you need to manually look at your talent rosters, all of the records will be both easily accessible and consistent.

Beyond Finding Talent

Staff scheduling software continues its usefulness beyond matching talent with jobs. You can use this software to generate and approve time sheets, and pay your talent. You can also use it to invoice your clients efficiently so that your money flow is accurate.

By cutting physical paperwork out, NextCrew’s staff scheduling software makes every part of staffing agency operations faster and more effective, streamlining the whole process for everyone’s benefit. Your talent will have more time to work, and more opportunities to be hired. Your clients will be happy with how quickly you can meet their requests. Your business will thrive with accurate record keeping, a strong list of talent, and the ability to meet your clients’ needs while ensuring your talent is paid and your invoices are sent on time. With staff scheduling software, it’s a win-win-win for your agency, workers and clients.

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