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 Modern workplaces require modern-day solutions to empower growth. Well, this statement has quite been proven with the Covid-19 pandemic taking charge over the entire world. With the era enduring a pandemic, workplaces, in specific, have redefined themselves on every standard of a working landscape. Jobs are no longer limited to an operational schedule of 9-5 windows, nor are they restricted to a particular location, symbolized as an epitome of discipline.


With the 'work from home' phrase taking the drive ahead, remote jobs have seen an extensive increase in choice. This transformation has put forth a comprehensive set of challenges that every firm and individual, regardless of their type, is obliged to deal with. Not just this, but an immediate need has been elevated among the businesses to emerge with an efficient approach, capable of serving the changing market requirements. 


With that being said, let us all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that traditional guidelines are no more capable of serving as an efficient and reliable solution for modern-day problems. To make the most of this dynamic growth period, one needs to incorporate the flair of tailor-made strategies and latest technologies into the values that come straight from the traditionally driven world of commerce. 


Industries are now witnessing a digital transformation, where mobile phones and computer systems are the only ways left for an organization to run efficiently. The work and the basic practice to ensure an effective flow of communication throughout the organization have also been narrowed down to the use of such digitally smart devices. In these times, the companies that are able to deliver convenience and efficiency seem to have an already booked space on the winning end of the game. 


A long-term digital perspective, holistic in nature, is highly needed to empower modern workplaces in today's world. From staffing to managing, every detail requires prominent solutions draped in efficiently crafted tools intended towards entitling the business growth. 


With regard to this concern, we have put below a bunch of the most efficient and reliable staffing tools that play a vital role in empowering your business. Unveil them to enhance engagement within your workspace.


1) Geofencing Enabled Timesheet Solution


In the physical absence of your staffing managers, how do you know they are working for the entire duration of their standard job schedule (let's say 8hrs?). It's hard to guess whether or not your employees are making the most of their time by engaging the right skills and yielding the best results. Right? 


Well, if that is the concern, then we've got a solution for you to acknowledge. 


The employee timesheet software/mobile applications powered by geofencing technology has now made it possible for you to monitor your employees’ work and keep a check on them virtually. These smart tools allow staffing managers to create a virtual boundary around the job location to learn the accurate presence of the worker and also provides punch prompt reminders to the employees for punching in and out before and after the shift. 


The respective staffing managers are notified about the on-site work duration of every employee individually, thus helping them keep a record in the activity log with lesser to no human intervention. 


Sounds like a huge relief? Well, we can’t agree more!


The timesheet solution enabled by Geofencing is, hands-down, one of the best ways to ensure an efficient and speedy flow of work throughout the organization.


2) Group Video Conferencing 


The concept of video conferencing is not at all new to the corporate world. However, coordinating the entire business growth over video meetings and conferences has emerged as the new normal approach in this digital era. 


You can locate a wide assortment of apps that have an unlimited number of people discussing and regulating their values to ensure a continuous flow of efficiency throughout their workspace. Not just for the existing employees, but video conferencing makes it more realistic of an experience to interview and hire a new role online in this increasingly remote work culture. In other words, it is yet another productive way to ensure growth in this virtually driven world of trade. 


3) Paperless Onboarding Tool


Onboarding is the standard process of introducing a new employee to the organization. But, with an added term to its beginning, the definition transforms itself in the context of the method while the idea behind remains the same. 


Paperless onboarding can be defined as the process of using technologically smart onboarding software to introduce a new role to the organization. It's a coherent way to speed up the process and have things work smoothly in a well-organized virtual format.


4) Real-time Messaging 


Real-time messaging on the web can typically be referred to as the process of transmitting information throughout a system to be acknowledged or consumed in real-time. The data or information is pushed on the application or device of the users to have them process it in time. 


In other words, it is one of the most common ways employed by people to virtually stay in touch with the respective employees and colleagues spread across the globe during and beyond the working hours. It makes quite an essential way, specifically intended to reduce any chance of miscommunication while operating both virtually and physically. 


Moreover, there are staffing software solution providers in North America who have gone a step ahead to provide a seamless communication flow between workers and the staffing managers. On-Demand staffing solution providers like NextCrew offer an employee service mobile app chat function within their HR self-service software/mobile application that helps staffing managers in establishing uninterrupted communication with your workers to engage with them via their preferred communication channels - text, email, etc.

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