On-Demand Staffing Business Opportunities

There are many opportunities in on-demand staffing, but to find success in this field, you need to ensure you have the right people, the right technology, and the right processes. An inefficient operation can become very expensive, very quickly!

To help you navigate the business opportunities that exist in on-demand staffing, we’ve put together this list of areas with good use cases, their pain points, and how technology can help you navigate the pitfalls.
Hospitality Staffing

Pain Points: A lot of last-minute job requests, putting the pressure on you to fill jobs while ensuring that talent knows what to do and how to show up on time.
Tech Tips: Automate job notification, send automated job reminders, and use mobile capabilities for clock-in and no-show alerts. Internally, use tech to review and track violations and no-shows. Then use the tech to fill these spots efficiently with high-quality talent!

Experiential Marketing and Event Staffing

Pain Points: Preferred talent, but varying shifts, combined with hotels’ own in-house tracking software with manual data entry. It’s also a blended workforce, with some full time and some part-time staff.
Tech Tips: Empower clients to approve timesheets, request staff, import timesheet data from external systems, or offer a hybrid approach allowing some tablet or app-based clock-ins and outs. Create a division of flex and permanent workforce, all tracked and managed by the system.

Substitute Teacher Staffing

Pain Points: Last-minute requests, with a strong need for the right credentials and qualifications.
Tech Tips: Have the client create a list of preferred substitutes. Include the ability to add reviews. Automate the notification process with clients, sending online requests so that preferred subs are notified of open jobs instantly. Let the school know who will be showing up with automated alerts so that they can prepare too.

Healthcare Staffing

Pain Points: Credentialed work should only go to those who can perform the job. Scheduling is important and must be managed in real-time.
Tech Tips: Create self-service profiles for credential updates. Remind staff coordinators of any expirations. Provide the ability for providers to clock in and out using an app, alongside an easy-access schedule to eliminate support requests and double booking.

In any area of staffing, these pain points, solutions, and more will apply. Overcome any staffing operation challenges with NextCrew’s on-demand staffing platform, please contact us to schedule a demo of NextCrew platform to reduce the cost of staffing and streamline staffing operation.
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