How NextCrew's Timesheet Management Solutions Benefiting Staffing Industry Owners?

Being a staffing agency owner or a staffing manager at one of the USA's staffing companies, what impacts the most to your productivity is how best you rightly manage your time. It’s 2020, and the key to get things done faster is undeniably Automation

Gone are the days of manual staffing processing! By eliminating manual timesheets, streamlining payroll through just a couple of clicks, setting up a virtual boundary through job site-specific geofence, sending out bulk emails with just one tap, and managing key accounting as well as employee reviews through an all in one integrated timesheet management software is the need of the hour for staffing companies looking forward to thriving during these unprecedented times.

NextCrew’s timesheet software is one of the most robust and user-friendly timesheet management software for staffing business wanting to easily keep track of the employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs through our incorporated GPS geofencing technology that not only provides instant alerts about the employee’s presence on the job site but also allows to effortlessly collaborate with the staff at work, making it the preferred timesheet software by staffing businesses.

Staffing companies across the USA are benefitting from the NextCrew’s employee timesheet software with the following features:

Centralized System

NextCrew’s centralized system offers robust functionality of concentrating all the employee scheduling activities, including bulk emailing option, employee reviews functionality, and the ability to perform mass clock-in and out through a single time clock app.

Geofence Time Tracking

What makes it the best time tracking app is its ability to let staffing managers create their own virtual boundary around the job and turn any device into a web-clock through the timesheet calculator to monitor attendance during the scheduled hours, putting an end to buddy clocking.

Timesheet Reports

Comprehensive and accurate real-time reports for precise payroll management and job labor cost processing, allowing you to bid good-bye to the manual filling of the timesheet spreadsheets!

Post-job Assistance

NextCrew workforce scheduling app’s ability is not limited to pre-temporary staffing duties. The software allows employees to upload other expenses and receipt photos through the timesheet management app and submit automated survey forms for reporting purposes.

Project Checklists

Create different checklists that employees check off during the job shift, get instant notifications when assigned tasks are completed, and review the daily work after completing the shift without any manual intervention.

Timely Alerts

On-site staff monitoring made simple! Receive real-time alerts regarding the staff’s late in and early out, overtime, geofence rules violations, etc., all through our robust, fully-integrated, and smart employee timesheet software.

Travel & Expense Tracking

Our automated and user-friendly timesheet template interface allows employees to upload expenses and receipt photos directly through the mobile app, cutting down the manual data entry errors and keeping the employee payroll processing smooth. 


Staffing companies easily export employee timesheets and process payroll seamlessly by integrating with preferred payroll partners, all through NextCrew web and app-based employee timesheet software. 

Staffing companies across the USA are leveraging the benefits of NextCrew’s employee timesheet software to: 

  • -Spot the time and employee attendance problem patterns more easily and quickly.
  • -Pay the employees in minutes by syncing the payroll automatically with the work hours time tracking and making complicated calculations with just a couple of clicks.
  • -Experience the convenience that the app offers by not having the staffing managers visit each job site to collect timesheets and sift through piles of paperwork to review past employee data.

So, what are you waiting for? Automate your timesheet management process with NextCrew temporary staffing software and set aside the woes of managing unnecessary paperwork. To learn more about our on-demand staffing software, visit, or drop us an email at

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