Leveraging Geofencing Technology for the Staffing Industry

Have you ever wished you could know for sure that your temporary workers are on-site without having to leave the office? Geofencing is an exciting technology that allows you to achieve this and more. It creates and monitors virtual boundaries. And it will know when the perimeter is breached by a device, individual, or item.

Geofencing uses GPS technology and software to handle the tracking. And you can use it for more than monitoring boundaries. If you have ever had a retail app ping you when you’re near a store, it is likely using geofencing to understand when customers are near the location. It is a technology used in countless industries, which is why Global Market Insights predicts the global geofencing market will exceed $500 million by 2023.

The applications of geofencing in staffing can transform the way you do business, enabling your company to use your resources efficiently and confidently. Instead of worrying about where your workers are and what they are doing, wasting time with physical followups, manual texts, emails, and phone calls, you can rely on tech to answer your questions and keep your clients happy.

Aside from using geofencing to make sure your workers are on-site, here are a few great ways to use this technology.

When an employee clocks-in or clocks-out using technology that supports geofencing, it can also automatically generate a timesheet. This eliminates the need to create timesheets manually, which means the information is more accurate, it takes less time and human resources, and you can invoice the client faster with easier approval.
Reassure Your Clients With Geo-Fencing

Reassure your clients that you know exactly when workers are on site. When they’re clocked-in, you will know that they are where they are supposed to be, as the geofencing will alert you if the worker leaves or fails to show up. This gives greater insight and confidence for your clients.

Access Real-Time Location of Employees

You will have access to the real-time location of employees during the work hours indicated, so you can be sure they are where they are supposed to be within your workplace. Showing up to the worksite is important, but doing the job as described is important too - geofencing can reassure you, and your clients, that this is being done.

Geofencing might sound like something out of a science fiction movie. It is, in fact, a technology that is widely available and regularly used. Integrating it into your staffing work is as simple as selecting a staffing agency program or platform that allows for geofencing and working it into your policies and procedures. This simple step will go a long way in improving the quality of your business.

NextCrew is here to help you optimize all that you do as a staffing agency, including setting your company up with geofencing. Send us a message online, call 888-228-7813, or email us at sales@nextcrew.com for more details.
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