Is Your Staffing Firm Ready for the Digital Tomorrow?

It’s almost time to bid 2020 goodbye and the semi-conventional staffing processes we have been following for the last few years. The staffing agencies have accepted digital transformation, but not to its full potential. 


According to recent digital transformation research by Forrester, 


Until now, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation.

That means while the growing gig economy and social distancing culture is demanding complete digital transformation to endure the crisis and thrive in the coming years, 85% of the remaining businesses are yet to fully embrace the concept of digitalization and streamline the staffing processes.


What’s interesting to note is how increasingly the workers across the USA are becoming technology-savvy. 


96% of workers ages 18-29 in the U.S. own a smartphone, and 22% of young adults rely completely on smartphones for access to the internet.

With the workforce's future connected largely with mobile phones and workers preferring modern work solutions, enabling digital solutions that connect staffing companies with the workers directly is inevitable for these businesses to thrive. For the staffing companies planning to champion digital transformation in 2021, the following are the stages that need to be considered. 


  • Evaluate:


Evaluate the conventional processes in your business that are adversely impacting the workers' productivity and efficiency and hinder you from establishing yourself as a digital-focused staffing business. 


  • Digitalize:


Transform the traditional payroll, timesheet, onboarding, and invoicing process into a comprehensive staffing solution that can be accessed through a few taps on the mobile devices of the workers as well as the end clients.


  • Automate:


Digital transformation will not yield the expected results without automating existing methodologies, processes, and staffing workflows through 3rd party integrations and in-built communication channels to deliver a tailored digital experience to clients from different industries.


  • Optimize and Update:


The digital world is continuously evolving. Embracing and championing the transformation is not enough for modernizing the workforce and streamlining the candidate experience. Staying abreast of the latest staffing digital trends and implementing the insightful data for the process enhancement is required.


Making a switch to a digital process-oriented staffing company might seem like a daunting task for the companies, yet surviving somehow from the COVID-19 uncertainty. But, to survive this crisis, double down the output, and maximize every dollar spent on the staffing processes, embarking on this digital transformation journey is a must. 


By doing so, staffing companies can pivot in these times of economic crisis by providing the front-line workers/employees instant and digital access to critical conversations and information, irrespective of their location, and shift timings. 


On the other hand, the end-clients can anytime dig into detailed data and analytics to understand and evaluate the employee's productivity and performance growth. Well, these aspects not only saves time and money by creating a digital ecosystem that centralizes the complete staffing experience for both the clients as well as the workers but also empowers your employees and the on-site work to work independently with negligible dependency on other resources.


According to the Harvard business review survey 2020, 72% of the respondents witnessed an increase in productivity just by empowering front-line workers with digital solutions. Staffing companies are gradually shifting towards digitalization to cut down operational costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase employee productivity. Is your staffing firm ready to embrace the digital transformation wave and deploy it in the daily staffing processes? 






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