Innovate Staffing with a Private Talent Pool

The hybrid approach between online jobseeker listings and traditional recruiters is a private talent pool.

Online staffing companies offer self-service selection for clients to choose potential employees. It's very difficult, however, for a client to know if the people listed will be well suited for the job. It’s fast but often hit or miss.

A traditional staffing company offers clients carefully vetted candidates who are individually screened and approved. This is the traditional option for companies who want to work with only the best staff, but it is expensive and can be frustrating, especially when a client needs talent fast.
What is a private talent pool?

A private talent pool is the best of both worlds in the staffing industry. Based on your business intelligence data and analytics, you create specific groups of your top candidates, selected and screened, and right for the clients.

When a client needs staff, they can log on to your on-demand, online staffing system, and choose from a potential workforce that has already been narrowed down for them from the wider talent pool.

The benefits of a private talent pool

With a private talent pool, you are combining the speed of on-demand staffing with the careful selection of a more traditional approach. Clients in many industries are sure to appreciate this extra screening combined with the speed and ease of working with your system.

In areas like healthcare, a selection of staff members who have approved credentials or training makes filling a post under pressure a snap. The same holds true for education and industrial staffing, where people with specific training and skills may be required.

Instead of having to sift through profiles or lose time by going through a coordinator’s manual process, your client with certification needs can log on and choose from vetted applicants.

In areas like food and beverage, or hotels, experience matters. Providing a private talent pool stocked with job seekers who know their way around the hospitality industry, you ensure your clients get the experienced staff they require, even at short notice.

In implementing a private talent pool, you’re showing your clients that you care about their needs—and that you are willing to go the extra mile to create a better partnership with them. You are also helping your workforce get into the jobs that they prefer.

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