Five Steps to an Efficient On-Demand Staffing Agency

Technology is changing how people work and clients request resources from staffing agencies. On-Demand staffing is very labor-intensive. For an agency to be profitable, it is essential to create automated processes and streamline operations using the right technology for the business. Scaling your staffing company is vital if you want to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. The way to scale is to watch trends and technology and determine how you can leverage these changes to keep your business growing.

Here are 5 critical components for starting and scaling your staffing business.
1. Invest in a self-service talent management solution to keep talent information updated.

This is especially important if you provide the temporary workforce. It is very expensive to manage all HR records manually. Talent management software will save you time and money, both of which are critical if you are focusing on scaling your new staffing business.

2. Implement a workforce management solution.

This will automate the manual task of messaging talent. With the right workforce management software, you will always be able to use your preferred method of communication, whether that is SMS, mobile app, or email.

3. Use the right tools and technology.

Using the appropriate workforce management software ensures that:

a. Staffing coordinators can focus on growing your business instead of spending time with labor-intensive tasks. Anything that can be carried out effectively and automatically should be automated to free up your workforce.

b. Talent can apply to jobs quicker and report time electronically. Upgrading your system is not only good for your workforce, but for anyone that works with your business.

c. Clients can request talent easily and approve time. If it makes your clients’ lives easier, this is technology you want on your side. It can give you the edge over competition.

4. Use real-time key performance indicators to make better decisions.

Starting and scaling your staffing agency isn’t about keeping your head down and working as hard as you can. It’s about analyzing and evaluating what you are doing so that you can be as effective and efficient as possible. By reflecting, you can deliver a better experience for your clients.

5. Remove data entry redundancy.

You can do this by creating a powerful software eco-system in which systems are communicating with each other. You’ll not only remove the possibility of human keying errors, but also save time and resources. The right technology, especially talent management software, is key to starting a successful staffing agency.

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