How NextCrew Helped Staffing Companies Endure Crisis?

The last year has been a rollercoaster ride for every staffing company, with businesses freezing their staffing activities and economic crisis creating troubles for new business opportunities. 


NextCrew has been to ease the tough times for the staffing businesses during these unprecedented times by ensuring digitally transformed processes and dedicated end-to-end support. 


Before we discuss how we contributed to staffing companies enduring the crisis, it is imperative to know who we are and what sets us apart.


NextCrew is an on-demand staffing solution that offers staff efficiency and growth by streamlining and automating the staffing processes. Our solutions are designed to overcome the flaws of the conventional staffing practices and experiences with its easy-to-use interface and user-friendly platform that streamlines processes across multiple teams. Our vast client base covers various industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and industrial and delivers a seamless temporary staffing experience. 


NextCrew currently serves hundreds of staffing businesses of diverse sizes & complexities in North America.

Empowered Staffing Managers with Smart Candidate Screening


NextCrew staffing management solution provided real-time insights for better decisions. With millions of workers getting furloughed across the United States during this pandemic era and staffing trends like remote working and GIG Economy getting more significant, NextCrew ensured to empower the staffing clients with software that caters to each requirement. 


Our software comes with industry-leading semantic search algorithms to discover the right candidate for different job profiles. It certainly has helped staffing agencies to function smoothly during the time of uncertainty. The inability to meet the candidate in-person didn't get in the way of hiring the best talent with NextCrew.


Our clients from an assortment of industries relied on NextCrew staffing software’s incredible and in-built communication streams to stay in constant touch with the workers spread across the globe. 

Remote-Ready On-Boarding


One thing 2021 has ensured is, gone are the days of face-to-face onboarding! We at NextCrew were already prepped to meet the digital onboarding expectations of our clients.


Our solutions allowed staffing agencies to manage fully digital, contactless onboarding for their clients without letting them compromise on their employer brand. 


Moreover, we killed two birds with one stone by allowing the clients to do away with piles of paper by offering a fully integrated digital onboarding experience through electronic signatures.


Also, to ensure health safety of your workers, we’ve revamped our mobile app by adding a checkbox that demands the workers to validate their health condition and exposure to larger crowds in recent times.


Your worker’s safety is your priority and seamless management of your workers is our priority!

Simple Yet Effective Recruiting Reports


NextCrew also gave staffing companies access to visual reports for better understanding their recruiting metrics and what strategy changes need to be done to improve the numbers. 


By partnering with us, our staffing clients could track insightful information like job acceptances & rejections audit data for comprehensive performance evaluation. The reports are delivered through the powerful-rich-friendly dashboard. 


Efficient Workforce Management


NextCrew took the stress off staffing teams during the uncertainty phase when managing temporary staff for their different clients. NextCrew is a full-suite workforce management solution that does everything, spanning from scheduling, timesheet management to payroll management. It built their schedule in minutes and helped send alerts for open shifts to the candidates via a highly responsive mobile app. Since our attendance and time tracking is done with utmost accuracy, it notified the staffing managers about the buddy clock-ins, absences, and late clock-ins and then gather all the data for payroll preparation in just a few clicks.   


Reliable and Uninterrupted Communication


NextCrew enabled staffing companies to source the best profiles with maximum closure probabilities through automated and bulk email capabilities. 


We made it easy for staffing managers working from home to make calls & text with our dedicated App. Further, this App made it easy-peasy to track & report team performance and job positions' daily status. 

Let's Wind Up


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