Best Practices in Technology for Staffing Agencies

Your staffing company needs to be efficient. As margins get thinner, clients are demanding faster service. Employees want a user-friendly process for engaging with your agency.

Growth doesn’t necessarily mean you should add more human resources—which can eat away at your profits and introduce more hurdles to becoming streamlined.

How, then, can you achieve optimum efficiency?

For any fast-moving staffing agency, there are challenges to management that will inevitably reduce efficiency:

• the management of employee information
• seasonal business
• clients with last minute orders and expectations for preferred staff
• collecting and approving time sheets
• keeping staff informed about the details of jobs
• handling no-shows
• sending invoices to clients
• and paying your employees.

By leveraging technology, you can meet these challenges, streamline operations, and imple-ment best practices, so that even the fastest paced staffing agency can become—and remain—profitable.
Best Practices in Technology

These best practices will enable your company to reduce the cost of staffing, and compete with others who may be taking away your market share.

• To address management of employee information, offer a self-service platform to your employees so they can manage their own profile, including their availability.
• Communicate with employees using their preferred method, such as SMS, email, or a mobile app. This will help with all challenges, as does targeting the marketing of your jobs to employees based on their skills, location, and availability.
• To assist in managing clients with last minute requests and preferred staff, offer them the ability to post job requests easily.
• Tracking employee work performance through a rating system helps everyone under-stand what is working and what could be improved.
• Allow employees to track the history of their pay and job. Allow clients to approve time sheets electronically or automate sign-in sheets.
• Send automatic reminders for jobs, to help prevent no-shows.
• Integration with your payroll and invoicing system will reduce data entry error and re-dundancy.

With these best practices in place, you can streamline operations, leverage technology to its ut-most potential, and keep your staffing agency firing on all cylinders.

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