6 Reasons Why Healthcare Staffing Agencies Rely on NextCrew Solutions

Why Do Healthcare Staffing Companies Rely on NextCrew Staffing Solutions?

At the core of the healthcare industry are the incalculable medical experts fighting at the forefront consistently to keep us fit as a fiddle. With over a portion of staffing expenses going towards managing this staff for healthcare clients, healthcare staffing agencies need efficient scheduling and employee management software to improve their work costs, employee commitment, and general nature of care.

A steady test for healthcare staffing businesses is when it comes to scheduling the workers with all the necessities to oblige fluctuating healthcare clients’ requirements.

Healthcare staffing agencies that utilize NextCrew’s cloud-based healthcare staffing software can better manage these constantly changing staffing demands, improve worker correspondence, and guarantee timely healthcare compliance, including the labor laws and worker’s certifications/licenses.

Pondering upon how?

In the following ways, NextCrew healthcare staffing software can improve how you communicate with your staff, adding up to an improved relationship with workers and clients and a profitable outcome overall.

Paperless Onboarding 

Going paperless isn't a choice any longer; it’s a need. If you haven't done that yet, it's the principal thing you need to do. With NextCrew’s easy-to-use interface and e-signature module, onboarding healthcare staff has never been easier for healthcare staffing agencies. 

They prefer NextCrew healthcare staff management solutions because it allows them to completely do away with manual processing. Be it generating the onboarding documents or processing the onboarding details, NextCrew healthcare staffing automation gets it done digitally with less to no paper dependency!

Compliance Management

Why invest so much of your staffing manager’s time and effort in getting the work licenses updated of each and every worker manually when you can have an automated tool for the same? 

NextCrew medical staffing software regularly notifies about outstanding and expiring credentials to the staffing managers. It also helps in carrying out the yearly assessment duties of the nurses and doctors through the 3rd party integration facility.

Moreover, it offers workers the flexibility to manage their compliance documentation through the HR self-service capabilities of this staffing solution. By doing so, healthcare staffing agencies in the USA can streamline their healthcare credentialing process and increase audit readiness. 


Proper time management is the ultimate key to work efficiency and success of the overall healthcare staffing business. So, you need to ensure that the healthcare employee scheduling software that you opt for not only has multiple workforce management features to offer but also allows you to automate all the time-consuming, complex tasks & focus on the other core business responsibilities.

In addition to that, this healthcare staffing management software offers complete flexibility to the healthcare workers in order to better manage their availability for different jobs. This ensures efficient shift scheduling, eliminating chances of scheduling errors.

Electronic Timesheet Approval 

NextCrew’s robust healthcare staffing app with innovative geofencing capabilities allows accurate time reporting and digital timesheet approval. The geofencing technology feature of the NextCrew timesheet management software,

  • Lets you create a virtual barrier around the job site when used along with a GPS-enabled application. As a result, the staff can clock in only when they are physically present within the virtual boundaries created by you.

  • Reminds the employees to clock in or out on entering or leaving the geofence created by you for the particular job, decreasing the occurrence of timesheet errors and edits.

  • Allows hospitals and facilities to approve the nurse or doctor’s timesheet from their preferred system- mobile/tablet/desktop.

  • Reports flagged timesheets for employees who're on the clock but are outside of a job site.

  • Allows the staffing managers to get the signature from the supervisor onsite through the in-built e-document capabilities. Staffing managers can send the e-document to the worker’s mobile app so that the supervisor can sign at the end of the shift.

So, as a staffing manager of a healthcare staffing firm, you can easily set up a geofence around the hospitals your client’s doctors and nurses are working at. 

If an employee is late at the job site and attempts to begin the shift through the timesheet management app on their smartphone before they arrive at the job site, they will be unable to do so.

Similarly, you’ll be able to track staff if they attempt to leave the hospital before the shift hours, as well as automatically flag the timesheet. Doesn’t that sound like a silver lining to a busy operations manager like you?

Expense management

NextCrew healthcare workforce management software allows healthcare workers to seamlessly submit daily their expense reports by simply clicking and uploading report photos on the  NextCrew mobile app.

After all, going through a chain of manual process for a task that can be accomplished through a few tips is never a good choice for a healthcare staffing agency who want to thrive in this competitive industry, right?

Payroll and Invoicing

Processing the payroll of different healthcare workers every day might sound like a daunting task, but not with NextCrew!

NextCrew on-demand staffing software integrates effortlessly with your preferred payrolling and invoicing software. So that, you can set aside the worries of not being able to utilize the payroll and other software that you have been using for your everyday business to create automated processes to power your healthcare staffing business. 

NextCrew’s medical staffing software seamlessly integrates with the existing systems such as QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, Paypal, and even instant pay using NextCrew’s open API for all the payroll and invoicing activities post-approval, avoiding all manual errors and duplication.

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