What to Consider When Selecting a Timesheet Staffing Solution?

3 Things to Consider When Looking for a Timesheet Software Solution


Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. 

Hiring was- and still is- the most important thing we do.


- Marc Bennioff


Staffing has always been about finding the best possible talent for the end clients. However, today, staffing is much more than only finding the right candidates. Clients today demand a complete staffing experience right from sourcing the candidates to onboarding them to timesheet management to payrolling and invoicing. 


Talking about timesheet management, it’s one of the most crucial yet tedious tasks, if done manually. After all fetching timesheet paperwork of each and every worker at the end of the day for further processing can be a daunting task when you have other core responsibilities as well to manage. 


And, that’s where the timesheet management software comes into the picture. A modern staffing software solution can help you streamline the complete process right from gathering the timesheets to utilizing that data for payroll and invoicing.


No matter how easy it may sound to have a smart timesheet management solution in place, it’s always challenging to source the right one. In order to find the best timesheet software solution that rightly meets your staffing requirement, you need to learn what are things need to be considered while looking for it.


Here are the three things that you need to take care of while considering a timesheet management software:


  • Geofencing Capabilities


The right time clock management software will offer you the ability to let your staffing managers create their own virtual boundary around the job location. This will allow them to turn any device into a web-clock through the timesheet calculator and seamlessly monitor attendance during the scheduled hours.


So while considering a timesheet software solution, ensure checking whether it allows you to put an end to buddy clocking or not through its inbuilt geofencing functionalities.


  • Smart Analytics, Reporting, and Tracking


Comprehensive and accurate real-time reports are inevitable for precise payroll management and job labor cost processing. So, when looking for a timesheet solution for the staffing business, it’s crucial to consider its capabilities in assisting the payroll and invoicing. An efficient timesheet solution will not only streamline the timesheet calculation but will also create a seamless payroll and invoicing experience.


This will allow you to bid goodbye to the manual filling of the timesheet spreadsheets and then utilize those piles of paper to process the payments.


In addition to that, an automated and user-friendly timesheet template interface will let your employees upload expenses and receipt photos directly through the mobile app, cutting down the manual data entry errors and keeping the employee payroll processing smooth. 


  • Integrations


Staffing companies with modern and robust employee timesheet management software can easily export employee timesheets and process payroll seamlessly by integrating the particular software with preferred payroll partners.


For instance, staffing companies across the USA are leveraging the benefits of NextCrew’s employee timesheet software to: 


  • Spot the time and employee attendance problem patterns more easily and quickly.
  • Pay the employees in minutes by syncing the payroll automatically with the work hours time tracking and making complicated calculations with just a couple of clicks.
  • Experience the convenience that the app offers by not having the staffing managers visit each job site to collect timesheets and sift through piles of paperwork to review past employee data.


With that being said, it’s crucial to not only focus on the timesheet processing capabilities of the software while making the purchase. Instead, consider software that can help you create a staffing ecosystem by offering everything under the sun in one software. If not, you can always rely on their open API ability to integrate to other desired 3rd party software.


NextCrew can be the right employee timesheet solution for your business. So, in case it becomes a daunting task for you to find the right one, trust us by dropping us an email at info@nextcrew.com. We have got you covered!



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