Streamline Staffing with Real-Time

Workforce Scheduling

Employing a contingent workforce creates many everyday struggles. Tasked with organizing and communicating with workers, your staff may be overwhelmed—especially when they need to fill a position on short notice. How can you fill open jobs with qualified talent, while streamlining and even automating coordination?
With NextCrew’s cloud-based workforce management software, you eliminate redundant manual tasks—such as confirmations emails and follow-ups—keeping your staff sharp and ready to resolve last-minute openings. Our real-time scheduling system creates operational efficiencies, freeing you up to develop your client base and delight existing customers.
Increase Productivity & Profitability

Effectively Manage Your Resources

Automatically push out job information to qualified, available candidates via text, email, and mobile app notifications. Talent can then view the job, show interest, or decline the opportunity directly through our app or a mobile browser—with the tap of a finger.
Using our simple online calendar, you can easily monitor when and where your temporary workforce is deployed. Through a user-facing portal, talent can communicate schedules in real-time, so the system only notifies them of opportunities that coincide with their availability—keeping workers and staffing coordinators on the same page.
View all-important scheduling information at a glance with our jobs dashboard, including daily, monthly, and weekly calendars, and up-to-the minute job statuses. Differentiate confirmed positions from open ones with ease, and keep a close eye on pending jobs with a straightforward, color-coded system.
Want to make the most of your in-house resources with a streamlined scheduling system?

Streamlined Online Staffing Solutions

Ideal for tech-savvy workforces and high-salaried roles, you can leverage our software to preview web developers, programmers, software engineers, and more for new and prospective clients.
Coordinate your workforce scheduling in real-time
Stay on the same page as workers with automated notifications and one-touch communication
Optimize operational efficiency and improve the client experience
Focus resources on pursuing more sizable clients and more high-quality talent
Eliminate manual tasks and redundancies
Create operational efficiencies
Optimize client satisfaction
Grow your client base
Capture more revenue