Top Five Advantages of Using the Review System for your Workforce

One of the greatest strengths of temporary staffing can also be a weakness. Staffing companies thrive on having a large number of workers available for a massive variety of jobs regularly. Without them, there would be nobody to fill the temporary jobs. However, the number of people and the variety of work involved can result in inconsistent performance, which is frustrating for your clients.

A review system makes it easy to keep track of your employees’ performance. Beyond performance, consider your clients’ expectations. Some companies need tech-experienced workers, for example, or staff who are highly detail-oriented. Perhaps you need to fill a rush order and need to extend a job offer to a set of workers whom you know will respond quickly to your job request.

No matter the situation, when you can maintain accurate, accessible review records, assigning the right workers to specific clients is simple. Here’s why.
Share the Information

The number of people involved in a staffing operation extends beyond the workforce. You may employ several staffing coordinators too, and not all of them have necessarily worked with every employee within the workforce. With a review system, it’s easy to allow staffing coordinators to share and access reviews so they can extend job offers based on the experience of their team members.

Keep the Customer Happy

Every customer is different, and their expectations are different. Understanding customers and connecting them with the employees with the right skills keeps your clients happy while making the job of your staffing coordinators easier.

Remember that it’s not just about the primary role of the employee. Secondary qualities like tech skills or attention to detail are important considerations. These can be highlighted in every review to make sure that you’re sending the ideal person for the job.

Fulfilling Last-Minute Jobs

Staffing agencies routinely deal with last-minute job requests. Some companies manage this by notifying every member of the workforce in hopes that someone will respond. It gets the job done but does not necessarily put the best person forward, leading to client frustration. With a review system, however, you can easily sort and prioritize talent by who will be a good fit for the job, fulfilling those quick turnaround requests without compromising quality.

Promote on Past Performance

Reward your talent for their performance to encourages even better work overtime. A review system lets you keep track of every aspect of job performance, so you can promote the people who are the best face for your company.

Business Intelligence and Projections

The more data you have, the abler your company will be to make smart decisions and projections into the future. By tracking review information, you can intelligently determine if you have:
  • resources for a timeframe and skillset
  • staff able to respond in a certain window, or
  • talent who will travel to fulfill a client's needs.

In summary, tracking and management of the workforce reviews allow staffing agencies to prioritize the right people for the right job and keep customers happy!
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