The Digital Face of your Staffing Agency

2020 is expected to be a continuing worker-driven market. What makes it stand out as unique is an increased reliance on digital technology and the growth of the gig economy. While millennials have largely driven our more technology-focused workplace, they’re being joined by Generation Y, which has never lived in a world without smartphones.

Technology is the bridge between your company and your talent. For increased workforce engagement, you need to provide access to technology that makes their lives easier. It doesn’t stop with talent, either. Many of your clients will be increasing their use of technology in the workplace, and if you’re not there to embrace it, you may be missing out.

A variety of technological solutions that work for you and all of your users will help your company be more productive and efficient.

Technology and the Gig Economy

In the simplest terms, gig workers are not just looking for flexible jobs; they want easy to use technology to find them, too. Today, when a gig is just a click away through multiple platforms, on-demand talent isn’t going to spend time trying to work out complicated systems. If they feel there’s a barrier between themselves and a job, they’ll move on to a simper process. By employing the right technology in your company, you will not only attract top talent interested in short-term work but keep them engaged and active.

See the Results

When your on-demand staff is accessible through easy to use technology, the results will be clear. The benefits will affect your company positively as well as provide a streamlined and easy to use employee experience.

Self-Service Portals

Employees will be able to update their contact information, skills, and credentials, providing them ownership over their personal information.

Faster Time to Fill

Shorten the time between a client request and employee acceptance by automating the system.

Fewer No Shows

Make notifications and reminders a part of the process to improve show-up rates for on-demand employees.

Customized Communication

Each user, both clients, and crew, can select their preferred method of communication, ensuring they will see and respond to important messages.

Faster Timesheet Approvals

An online interface can also streamline the clock-in and clock-out process and provide an easier way to approve hours for payroll.

Reduce Phone Conversations

More and more people are getting their data and information digitally, and fewer want to spend time on the phone. Lean into that evolution.

Real-Time Analytics

Access data for every project immediately so you can provide details to your client and assess the performance of each employee.

More Engaged Workforce

Embracing digital technology and communication is essential for the future of employment, so get started now.

If you are in the business of fast-moving temporary staffing services, you may want to think about offering right technology to your clients and workforce so that you can increase profitability and productivity for your staffing agency.
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