Staffing Industry Trends to Forward in 2023

Staffing business leaders are currently preparing forecasts and budgets for the coming year. To make that happen, it’s necessary for them to pull out the crystal ball to predict trends and make plans for the future. However, the increasing interest rates rise to curb inflation. And a constant effort towards pandemic recovery can make preparing for the next year challenging. 


To ease the effort and help staffing agencies with the homework for the next year, we’ve provided a brief overview of the workforce trends forecast for 2023 and their impact on the staffing industry. 


Remote/hybrid work opportunities


For job applicants across the world, work-life balance is one of the critical considerations. Many on-site workers are reluctant to return to work as remote work becomes more common. Remote work is the future, and there is no doubt about it. However, the same working arrangement might only be possible for selected job profiles.


This creates an inevitable for staffing agency owners to understand the increasing demand and create provisions for each job profile.


Companies or agencies may opt for a four-day work week, a blended work culture, or work from home. To maintain a work-life balance, candidates look for employers that offer one of these options. Plus, there's no commuting stress.


The location of a job is no longer the decisive selection factor. Employers are now looking for qualified candidates from far-fetched boundaries. Many workers appreciate the time freedom that comes with remote work and expects further acceptance and implementation towards such working arrangements.


Digital Staffing Process


Gone are the days of the traditional face-to-face interview process and the paperwork-entric onboarding process. Today, many staffing interviews are embarrassing the digital staffing process, from sourcing to onboarding to hiring. 


Moving forward, staffing firms need to incorporate virtual onboarding interview processes into their staffing cycles, as remote culture is going to be around for a while. Plus, we must pay attention to the urge and preference of gen z and the millennial generation for digital processes. Any kind of traditional process during the hiring or post-hiring can turn them off. Needless to mention, the resulting issue of candidates backing out and employee burnout.


It is vital that staffing teams consider all facets of the digital staffing process as they expand their talent pool and hire candidates from across borders to scout the best talent for

their clients.


Automation and AI


For the last few years, AI has been the talk of the town, considering it a fancy thing to implement in any organization. The situation is not the same now. Lately, staffing companies have been greatly realizing the capabilities of AI-powered systems; rather than considering it just an interesting topic for discussion and speaking opportunities.


Undoubtedly, AI streamlines hiring and staffing processes for staffing coordinators, and the continuous innovation along the lines of machine learning and automation will broaden the implementation of AI in the aspects of staffing that we never thought about.


Staffing teams who had been dodging the topic of AI implementation would need to incorporate cutting-edge AI-powered technologies to quickly find the best candidates by implementing sophisticated algorithms that match potential candidates with open positions in a jiffy. 


Better integration into the workplace is enabled by using modern-age staffing software that incorporates AI capabilities in its solution. For the staffing company, for example, utilizing an on-demand staffing software that utilizes AI and automation to facilitate candidate selection processes and improve the quality of their talent pool would be the right choice for 2023.


It's important to remember that it's unlikely that staffing will rely entirely on automation, especially for roles that are difficult to staff and require a lot of interpersonal interaction.


The Importance of Quality Hiring


Fifty-two per cent of hiring managers cite improving the quality of new hires as one of their top priorities.


How does this compare to previous years? While the staffing industry is interested in expanding its talent pool, they emphasize ensuring its talent is of high quality. This results in higher retention rates, which helps companies in their overall cost-cutting efforts. The implications of this are now beginning to be understood by staffing firms.


Paperless Onboarding 


There's no doubt that onboarding hasn't been done much digitally before, but paperless onboarding through software like NextCrew allows users to automate and electronically capture necessary paperwork throughout the staffing process, eliminating the chances of human errors and any sort of data manipulations. 


Paperless onboarding is designed to meet your unique needs, whether you need to capture specific forms to qualify candidates for employment or just need to capture additional private staffing documents after you've hired employees.


Nextcrew's paperless onboarding makes documentation easy and allows you to commit more open-to-fill rates, fill more positions and make the staffing process seamless. 


Preference for Connected Systems


The last few years have all been about emerging technologies that have substantially changed how the staffing world works. With every passing day, there have been new technologies have emerged in the market, making space for new perspectives towards the age-old processes.


That’s where the growing trend for connecting systems comes into the picture. Today, staffing companies prefer connected systems that seamlessly connect two systems through an open API. This allows them to connect the existing system to the modern solution, without needing to do away with existing reliable systems and purchase solutions for each and every purpose.


Client Self-servicing


Dependency is an enemy of efficiency and growth. To avoid unnecessary dependency on staffing agencies, clients prefer self-servicing staffing software solutions that allow them to manage the job positions and approve the timesheet to promote timely invoicing.


Achieve Staffing Success in 2023


Due to new technologies and shifting social patterns, the staffing landscape is changing faster than ever. But do you have the infrastructure in place to keep up with 2023 staffing trends?

Leverage NextCrew’s AI-driven on-demand staffing software for your 2023 workforce that needs to stay ahead of the staffing curve.


We can assist you in saving time and money and helping you make the right staffing decision the first time. When you employ Nextcrew's software, you enable your team to efficiently improve the staffing operations and prioritize the jobs that will significantly impact your business. Fill more positions and hire the top talent for your clients with the right staffing solution from NextCrew. 


NextCrew's staffing software combines intelligence and automation to improve staffing efficiency, effectiveness, and speed. NextCrew is proud to serve thousands of customers across multiple industries.


So, be smarter and use NextCrew's intelligent software for a seamless staffing process.


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