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Today's contemporary business market demands employees to be productive from day one of their work. In this procedure, a digital onboarding program authorizes employees to be knowledgeable about company policies and learn other required information demanded to be effective. 


But, the real question is how to achieve this? In this article, you'll learn how a digital onboarding program will aid your pain. 


Before we foot ahead into the topic, let's understand what digital onboarding is?


Brief About Digital Onboarding


Digital onboarding is an excellent method for companies to provide newly hired employees the feeling of belonging toward the company. It also lets companies construct a communication channel with remote employees and completes their overall global recruiting approach.


A structured onboarding schedule is paramount to confirm that the recently hired candidate is experiencing an ease in settling in the company. 


Digital Onboarding solutions like NextCrew drive the whole process to be available online, making it easier for the candidate and the recruiter to handle the entire documentation procedure with minimal paperwork.


Effective onboarding helps improve new employees' retention, engagement, satisfaction, and productivity by familiarizing them with the company culture.

Advantages Of Digital Onboarding 


  • E-signature. The onboarding documents can be digitally signed without depending on heaps of paperwork.
  • Accessibility of all applicable documents from a centralized database.
  • Mobile-friendly usage. Images of needed records can also be linked directly.
  • Automated forewarnings and reminders that trigger the next course of activity automatically.
  • An inter-departmental task can be created to ensure the work accompaniments and other applicable things are prepared when any new employee allies.
  • Secure database to accumulate and access all relevant employee details.
  • Custom-made tools and template databases are public to tailor the onboarding process depending on the organizational or departmental necessities.

A designed digital onboarding approach can support companies set the work atmosphere for the long-term and drastically improve retention. Also, this imperative solution is definitive for expanding employee referrals and positioning the background for upcoming workforce management.

Take A Tour Of Digital Onboarding Process


It's a common thought among many employers that employees' onboarding begins on the candidate's first day. But, the employers who want to gain the best out of the onboarding process start onboarding from the time the candidate hands over their CVs. 


Pre-Onboarding Process


If you want to avoid no-shows and boost retention rates, the best idea is to craft an impression from the start. 


But, did we mention that the best way to do it is heavily focusing on the pre-onboarding process, also termed preboarding?


Note: The initial stage in the digital onboarding process is sorting out administrative operations and ensuring that employees correctly sign the forms, establish accounts if needed, and carry the proper documentation for employment and payment.


NextCrew makes all these things possible to accomplish before the employee's first day at the office. 

Welcome New Employees Working Remotely


Apart from organizing onboarding documents and tasks for new employees, the employer desires to make the new candidate feel welcomed in the organization. 


And that's the difference between the two terms onboarding & orientation. 


Here the onboarding process is defined as ensuring the newly hired candidate is welcomed and instructed about their duties comfortably.

Whereas the term orientation defines only communicating a brief introduction about the company. 


The second part of the onboarding process is to prepare a kit for the newly hired employee, onboarding activities that connect the newly hired employees with the company's existing employees. 


Well, this can also be a challenge for the employers managing employees working from home. They can opt for various engaging options to keep up the remotely working employees on the same page to avoid such. 

Digital Onboarding Process Optimization


Beyond all these phrases, keep in mind that the newly hired remote has a direct communication channel with their team members and managers, receiving the devices and training essential to do their job.


Tip: Utilize an onboarding checklist that maps out the approach from start to end for effective results, helping you to ensure that your digital onboarding process goes smoothly.


So, what’s in your mind that restricts you from mastering the onboarding process? Grab this opportunity to graph your company's retention rates & increase productivity with profitability through NextCrew's workforce management solutions.

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