Preparing Your 2022 Staffing Strategies? Points to Consider

Preparing Your 2022 Staffing Strategies? Points to Consider


The year 2022 is right around the corner, which leaves the staffing agency owners with very little time to prepare for 2022. While formulating strategies for the next year, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re not missing out on the aspects that might be creating significant differences in your business growth and staffing process outcomes.


To not let that happen, we have put together a few points that you need to consider while strategizing for the year 2022 in order to win the staffing game.


  • Strategies to Establish Strong Communication Channel with Clients


The staffing coordinators can experience frustration and a lack of a streamlined work approach even if the mode of communication with the client is not robust. Something that you might have noticed within your business due to these 2 years of uncertainties, market fluctuations, staffing market challenges, and whatnot.


Throughout these years, there might be many instances wherein the relationships with the client might have put the company’s future in jeopardy. The reason may be due to an economic crisis or changing client requirements or the absence of sufficient solutions.


Whatever the reason be, effective communication can help to control the situation better. For the daily staffing activities, right from sharing the candidate profiles to submitting the weekly reports, staffing coordinators are required to maintain an uninterrupted flow of communication with the client.


The absence of that will start creating uneasiness on the client-side and consequently hamper the growth of your client base. To not make that happen, ensure to plan strategies for the year 2022 that can help staffing managers communicate with the clients and the workers seamlessly and not juggle through various processes.


  • Provide Access to Modern Staffing Solutions


Though providing access to efficient and modern workforce management software is not the only thing required, it’s certainly the least to do. The absence of the latest tools and technologies will not allow the staffing managers, especially the millennial generation, to deliver the work expectations with the required effectiveness.


With loads of work expectations to manage, it can be increasingly challenging for them to handle multiple responsibilities manually or semi-manually. Making things better in the coming year for the staffing managers starts with the implementation of a robust solution.


  • Post-staffing Support


A new year staffing strategy cannot yield results if it doesn’t equally prioritize on improvising the post-staffing support for the employees. The absolute staffing experience that your staffing company has always aspired to offer begins with formulating a plan that includes some crucial aspects of post-staffing support. For instance,


As a staffing agency, you can,


  • Offer smooth job scheduling and shift management based on qualifications, availability, or geographic proximity to help staffing managers work in a face-paced environment and respond to client queries swiftly.


  • Automate job opening notifications based on location, skills, and availability, you reduce your time to fill rate.


  • Engage with the onboarded workers via their preferred communication channels- text or email through a single staffing mobile software/app, it offers them more accessibility and comfortability—also, a better way to keep all the communications organized.


  • Showcase your best-sourced candidates to clients based on ratings and preferences, you significantly cut down the staffing coordinator’s time to fill rate and increase your work productivity.


  • Allow the workers to provide, edit, and manage their information in your organization’s employee database portal. By doing so, you can reduce dependency on staffing coordinators for timely updating of the employee profile information and reduce the probability of human errors.


  • Eliminate manual timesheets, set up job site-specific geofence, send out bulk emails, integrate payroll to your preferred 3rd party platform, manage accounting and reviews through an all-in-one workforce management software. By doing so, you establish an accurate and time-saving timesheet and payroll process.


A power-pack start of 2022 begins with a meticulously planned strategy. Ensure taking care of the above-mentioned points. Are you ready for 2022?

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